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Scientists tell us that stress is the most dangerous illness of our times. But there is a place where stress is almost completely unknown. A place where they live like there is no tomorrow. And they drink a drink thanks to which they can say about all the problems of modern life – I don’t give a Pipi! #bolimepipi
That city is Split. The best-known drink from Split is a fizzy orange drink named Pipi, after Astrid Lindgren’s heroine Pippi Longstocking. Pipi was created at the beginning of the 1970s to make the magical Split summer even more carefree, more relaxed. And when former Miss World contestant Ana Sasso rested a straw peeking out of a bottle of Pipi against her lips in one of its legendary ads it became clear – we don’t give a Pipi!

Pipi Archives

#BOLIMEPIPI Tone of Voice?
When you come to Split, to Dalmatia, make like you’re from Spit, a Dalmatian! Simply master these few items of wisdom and your pace of life will return to normal. All right, maybe a little slower than normal…

Ko to može platit! – Money Can’t Buy That!’
A sunny day is coming to an end. The sun is setting over the sea. You have the scent of pines in your nose, the sound of the sea in your ears. A damp swimming costume in your hand, a towel and a bottle of Pipi. Money can’t buy that!
The Split riva (waterfront). Saturday, around noon. Your sunglasses perched on your head. You’re on the terrace of your favourite café. The waiter is on his way with your espresso and your bottle of Pipi. You have all the time in the world. Beautiful women and handsome men stroll by. Money can’t buy that!
An ordinary kitchen in the home of an ordinary Split family. Pršut, cheese, wine and anchovies on the table. Friends around the table. Laughter, lively conversation. Money can’t buy that! Not even all the money in the world, because here not everything is for sale.

Pipi Archives
Pipi Archives

Pomalo – Take It Easy 
In some places perhaps time is money, but not in Split! Here people greet each other in passing with “pomalo” – take it easy! It’s a greeting, a wish and a warning – there is no place for rushing. Easy, slowly, relaxed! By the sea you live in slow motion. It’s a question of the lifestyle and the experience which teaches you that nothing and no-one will be taken away from you if you take it – easy. You work easy, walk easy and you drink in the Mediterranean. There is always time for one more Pipi! 

Fjaka is an important and untranslateable concept in Dalmatia. Fjaka is a meteorological, psychological and physical state when in your body and your mind you feel like doing – nothing. When the fjaka takes hold, put all your jobs to one side, take a nap, rest. Fjaka is not quite a siesta because it’s not exactly about sleeping. It’s a state not too far from nirvana. So give yourself up to the fjaka and flow with it. Slow things right down. Because, #WhoGivesAPipi?

There are very few cities which boast so many diverse beaches right in the very centre as Split. If you arrive at the train station, coach station or port, after three minutes’ walk you are on the sands of Bačvice beach! Bačvice is Split’s Copacabana, a legendary sandy beach where young and old alike love to splash around. Some will paddle, others make sandcastles or get into a game of picigin (a local ballgame played in the shallows). Or perhaps read a newspaper in the shade. Here, in 1981, a famous ad was filmed for Pipi. We grew up with the image of Ana Sasso rising out of the sea in a white wet T-shirt emblazoned with the logo – Pipi!
In the next cove is Ovčica beach, ideal for families with children. A little further is Firule where a dilemma awaits with a choice of sandy and rocky bathing areas, known by locals as “pancakes and potatoes”. The road leads to Zenta, a little harbour where wild games of water polo and dances are held for years. The people of Split, when it comes to beaches, are notoriously picky. Bene beach is where you go for peace and shade, Kašuni for sunshine and socialising, and if you simply must be seen the place to go is Žnjan. Wherever you go there is sun and sea, and islands in the distance.
And for us too, until the morning calm and the serene early evening. It’s a perfect time for a deep breath and the even deeper conclusion: I don’t give a Pipi, #bolimepipi.

Photo by Josip Tomas
Photo by Josip Tomas

Festivals! If it was just a case of the Split festival itself where the greatest Croatian singers have sung… You can’t catch the Split rhythm if you don’t at least know one song by Oliver or Mišo Kovač. And Pipi is the perfect accompaniment to any song. It goes with hip hop, jazz, rock, concerts in Split or Brač island’s coves. I don’t give a Pipi when I’m dancing, singing or writing graffiti!

Ultra Europe Festival
Born in Split in 2013, Ultra now happens in 20 countries across Europe. The dance music elite take over venues in Split and the neighbouring islands for seven days of electronic hedonism.

Voi’Sa Festival
An eclectic selection of sounds, with funk, soul, latin, dub, reggae, disco, boogie, house and electronic music all represented at Supetar’s Acapulco beach (Brač island).

Graffiti Na Gradele
Bol on Brač island, with its paradise beach, is the place where graffiti and Dalmatian culture collide – Graffiti on the Grill!

This new festival in Trogir celebrates Croatia’s excellent alternative music scene. Some of its finest and longest-lived bands provide the soundtrack to summertime shenanigans.

Pipi Archives

#BOLIMEPIPI Beach Cafés and Bars
Your favourite drink in your favourite café is Split’s favourite remedy for your woes! Because all that chatting about… everything… is simply a life necessity. The café Žbirac is a little piece of shady heaven with a view of the bathers at Bačvice. Dvor in Firule offers peace, quiet and a sea view. Coffee in Spinut has the rhythm of the boats being rocked by the waves. There are cafés where you can go in casual dress and cafés with a dress code… Whichever you choose, life is beautiful!

This legendary café has the best vantage spot on Bačvice beach and serves great coffee with a smile.

People rave about this café and restaurant in the Firule Bay for its fabulous food and drink, as well as the perfect beachside location.

Olive Tree   
This atmospheric restaurant and bar on the city centre waterfront has excellent, imaginative food and warm service.

Joe’s Beach Lounge & Bar
At Kašjuni beach, on one side is a lively cocktail bar, on the other a more laid-back lounge bar. Both fab places for eating, drinking, dancing, socializing and lazing away the summer days in style.

In the intimate Ovčica cove next to Bačvice, this café has been a favourite meeting spot of the people of Split for decades and is a bastion of rock music.

Pipi Archives

Kavana Procaffe
Coffee and excellent home-made cakes to the tune of the water lapping at the boats in Spinut harbour.

Fro isprid banke
Of the cafés and bars that line the city waterfront, Fro (isprid banke – in front of the bank) is one of the standouts, popular with locals. So bring your outsize sunglasses!

Mythos bar
A wonderful place to eat, drink and contemplate the meaning of life in Firule Bay.

Cox bar
Cocktails, coffee and music on the popular Žnjan beach, this is a pleasant beach bar with loungers and food available too.

Jadran Beach Bar
Head west from the city centre along the waterfront towards Marjan hill, and you come to this lively beach bar with a little place you can swim. 

Pipi Archives

#BOLIMEPIPI Activities
An active holiday requires wisely chosen activities. First and foremost, you should learn to play picigin, that most local of Split games, on the sands of Bačvice bay. The rules are simple, you just stand in the shallows and hurl yourself after the little ball, making sure it doesn’t fall into the sea. Expert players make it so attractive that the audience gasps. While picigin is being played, nothing else in the world matters!
The Marjan park forest has promenades and biking trails. Uphill, downhill, on gravel and tarmac, through forests, along the waterside and through pines. And here you’ll find the Museum of Senses, so you can challenge your senses to experience what they have never experienced before while you wonder if such a thing is even possible. An open mind is a miraculous thing. Because it’s summer, and you don’t give a Pipi.

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