Five exhibitions in Zagreb to catch this October

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The exhibition “Big Berry – BB Art Colony, Nina Urh – Luxury of Freedom” brings a unique combination of street art, nature and tourism to the Museum of Contemporary Art from 2 to 27 October 2019. It shows the work of seventeen artists from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain who painted a mural in the countryside, so creating a street of art in the countryside.
Lica iz klupe / Faces from the Benches” is an exhibition of art by Emanuela Lekić at the Croatian School Museum which runs until 13 October. Lekić’s work is inspired by the informal group photos traditionally taken by school teachers in Croatia which express the spirit of community.
The exhibition SINT_ART 12 – Total Portrait of the City presents socially-conscious performance artists Tomislav Gotovac and Július Koller in conversation with leading light of Croatian modern art Vjenceslav Richter. The exhibition runs until 3 November at the Richter Collection and explores the artists’ interventions into public space and the conspiracy theories surrounding their work.
An exhibition of photography by Luka Pešun at ADU Galerija f8 on the homophobic slogan “Do It in the Privacy of your Home” runs until 12 October. The photographs show the daily lives of LGBTQ+ people were they freed of heterosexual norms, and explores the implications of the slogan for our identities.
“Refreshing Memory / When Monuments Come to Life” focuses on anti-fascist monuments, the practices aimed at preserving their dignity, and the phenomena of memory and the transitory nature of political stances in a time of historical amnesia. The exhibition at the Nova Gallery runs until 16 October.

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