Our most popular Facebook posts from February 2016

#1: Australia building fence at Slovenia border

BREAKING NEWS: According to CNN Australia plans to build the largest and longest fence in the history of the world, all to keep out us Slovenians! Surely this will even make future US president and noted wall-enthusiast Donald J. Trump jealous!

Australia building fence at Slovenia border

#2: Is Slovenia the world’s next great food destination

The world’s next great food destination? That would be ‪#‎Slovenia‬ according to AFAR magazine!

Afar Magazine

#3: 20 facts you didn’t already know about Slovenia

How many of these 20 facts about Slovenia did you already know?


#4: What you need to know before dating a Slovenian guy

Here are some first-hand tips about dating a Slovene guy from The Sunny Side Of This blog. And if any Slovene ladies would like to add some more useful info on the topic, please feel free to comment!


#5: Winter in Slovenia

There might not be much snow in Slovenia these days, or any other signs of winter for that matter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate these lovely winter photos by Fotokom, Matej Vranič Photography!



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