From Lithuania to Global Impact: Inesa Ponomariovaite’s Mission to Spread Health and Wellness

From Lithuania to Global Impact: Inesa Ponomariovaite's Mission to Spread Health and Wellness © Inesa Ponomariovaite / Authority Magazine

The fact that CBD and CBDa offer extraordinary healing attributes is no secret. A recent Forbes survey reveals that 60% of US adults have tried a CBD product and believe it provides medicinal benefits for them, while another study found that nearly 62% of people who use CBD do so to treat a medical condition such as pain, anxiety, or clinical depression.

Like them, Lithuanian immigrant Inesa Ponomariovaite believes in the healing power of hemp. Today, Nesas Hemp, her multinational firm, extracts all-natural CBDa oil from organically grown hemp plants to help thousands. However, Ponomariovaite’s story began with the goal of bringing healing to just one.

The origin of Nesas Hemp and full-spectrum CBDa hemp oil

Ponomariovaite’s mother delivered the news about her terminal cancer over a long-distance phone call from Lithuania. Rather than wallowing in despair, Ponomariovaite delved head-first

into an investigation of treatment options in alternative medicine. Time and time again, her research led back to the burgeoning CBD industry.

As a holistic medical practitioner, Ponomariovaite was hopeful but wary. She knew the therapeutic value of CBD held promise, but she was skeptical of modern production methods.

“After doing a lot of reading online, I went to farms and factories in person,” Ponomariovaite recalls. “When I realized nobody was holding corporations accountable for the products they sold, I made it my duty to protect my mom and other consumers like her.”

Ponomariovaite was adamant about the use of only organic, natural products, but not a single product on the market met these standards. She witnessed manufacturers sourcing ingredients recklessly and stripping the hemp plant of its therapeutic properties to push their products to market.

Her mother desperately needed the life-altering therapeutic health benefits of hemp oil, and Ponomariovaite resolved to make them accessible to her. Disillusioned with contemporary methods, she looked to the past. “At one time, people revered the power of these restorative plants,” she explains. “We swapped historical wisdom in favor of modern science, and we replaced plants that flourished in their natural environments with plants grown in labs.” In her quest to regain traditional production methods, Ponomariovaite sought advice from doctors, professors, and specialists around the world. She pored over hundreds of research studies.

After becoming an industry expert, Ponomariovaite took action. She envisioned an all-natural process and achieved it. Her innovative method avoids removing the hemp plant’s beneficial components and uses no synthetic compounds or harmful metals during extraction. With the goals of restoring her mother’s health and re-establishing trust in the cannabis industry, she created the first-ever full-spectrum organic CBDa oil available for purchase.

The health benefits of CBD and CBDa

CBD and CBDa are both natural compounds in the cannabis plant, with CBDa — also known as cannabidiolic acid — being the purest, strongest, and rawest form of CBD. Only CBD unaltered by heat, drying, or curing retains its acidic properties. To keep CBDa’s therapeutic properties intact, Ponomariovaite uses a cold extraction process.

Neither CBDa nor CBD are psychoactive. They interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, working with CB1 receptors in the brain and CB2 receptors throughout the body to deliver a number of wide-ranging health benefits.

“Using hemp and CBD products for healing purposes dates back to ancient China, whose people used hemp for pharmacological purposes as far back as 2800 BC,” writes Jorge Olson, co-founder and CMO of Hempacco and Green Globe International. “Today, hemp CBD oil and infused products are used for anxiety, pain relief, and insomnia — to name just a few applications.”

Mounting evidence pertaining to the benefits of CBDa is emerging from scientific studies. One documented health benefit of CBDa is improved cellular responsiveness. Studies suggest CBDa increases the body’s response to cellular and tissue maintenance, which has clear health benefits like maintaining healthy joints by providing an anti-hyperalgesia effect.

Another of the clinically proven health benefits of CBDa is relief from nausea and vomiting. Researchers believe that CBDa may help minimize nausea and vomiting by increasing 5-HT1A receptor activity.

Further studies suggest that CBDa helps alleviate stress and regulate mood. CBDa’s potential to mitigate stress-related behavior was first suggested in a 2018 study.

CBDa and CBD share many health benefits in common. Just like CBDa, studies on CBD continue to uncover exciting medicinal advantages. For example, research suggests CBD may help maintain homeostasis, the body’s natural state of equilibrium. When bodily cells aren’t carrying out their roles in unison, the imbalance in homeostasis causes a risk of cellular disruption. Researchers found that CBD works toward restoring these underlying imbalances.

A calming effect combined with emotional steadiness is yet another of CBD’s health benefits. There is mounting proof that CBD helps the body relax and unwind. Evidence also suggests this benefit works to lift people’s moods.

Another clinical trial reveals that CBD promotes healthy skin, nails, and hair. The research also suggests that CBD may help combat common skin diseases and boost overall wellness. Furthermore, CBD has been linked to improved cardiovascular health, with studies finding it maintains normal blood pressure and reduces the effects of oxidative stress and cardiac dysfunction.

Improved sleep is one more impressive health benefit research attributes to CBD. Clinical findings indicate that CBD contributes to healthy sleep patterns.

Ponomariovaite began by enabling her mother to regain physical health, and now she makes the hemp plant’s restorative benefits available to everyone. “We offer only the highest quality CBDa oil,” she says. “We grow our hemp plants organically and extract their oil with true reverence for the power of this curative plant. We can only unlock hemp’s miraculous potential with a careful and fully natural process.”

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