Travelling Australia with Crypto

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Australia has experienced an extraordinary cryptocurrency boom in recent years, unveiling a myriad of opportunities beyond conventional fiat currency. According to a report by EY, Australia’s cryptocurrency industry could grow significantly and potentially reach 30 times its current size by 2030.

As such, Aussies are now exploring different ways to use their digital assets now that an increasing number of merchants, businesses, and service providers are accepting crypto payments. 

In this article, we will explore the diverse range of things you can use your crypto money for in Australia, highlighting the unique opportunities and experiences available. 

Online retailers  

The world of e-commerce has embraced cryptocurrency as a form of payment. As a result, numerous online merchants in Australia have successfully broadened their range of payment options, demonstrating their innovative approach by incorporating cryptocurrencies. This not only allows them to diversify their revenue streams but also serves as a means of attracting a fresh influx of customers.

As such, whether you’re looking to buy gadgets, clothing, home goods or even books in your next vacation in Australia, you will not have to worry about finding stores that accept crypto. 

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Internet Service Providers 

Crypto enthusiasts now have the exciting opportunity to use their digital assets to conveniently pay for their internet NBN bills.

Although no official announcement has been made, a reliable tip from a Launtel customer indicates that a new payment method has been added. Interestingly, alongside the usual credit card options, customers now have the option to pay with Bitcoin. 

Now, crypto enthusiasts no longer need to go through the trouble of converting their Bitcoin or other digital assets into cash just to pay for their NBN internet bill.

Online Game Sites & Casinos 

If you are a gamer or a casual online gambler who enjoys playing poker or blackjack and would want to use your cryptocurrencies then you can freely do so in Australia! 

In fact, crypto casino sites have become the gold standard for Australian players as it allows them to place anonymous bets, browse through a wide variety of games, gain instant payouts and epic bonuses. 

When it comes to online casino sites, Australia is brimming with options, which can make choosing the absolute best among them seem like a daunting task. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief because there are websites like that provide a comprehensive list of the top crypto casinos. These platforms can help you make an informed decision you can rely on.

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Travel and Accommodation 

Lastly and the most surprising of all the things you can spend your cryptocurrency in Australia is to pay for your air travel and hotel expenses. 

Accordingly, Brisbane Airport partnered with TravelbyBit and has allowed travelers to dine and shop at terminal retailers. Now, there are even more options for Bitcoin enthusiasts as airlines like Qantas, American Airlines, and Lufthansa have joined the list of “Bitcoin-friendly” companies. These airlines now offer the convenience of purchasing first-class plane tickets with cryptocurrency, adding a new level of ease and flexibility for travelers.

If you are staying in Australia for a couple of nights, you also never have to worry about running out of cash as you can easily use your digital assets in hotels and other types of accommodation. 

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The increasing range of applications for cryptocurrency is revolutionizing our understanding and utilization of money. Whether you possess a passion for technology, enjoy exploring the world, or appreciate the finest things in life, there exist countless opportunities to indulge in the expenditure of your digital currency.

As more businesses and service providers in Australia recognize the benefits of digital currency, their ecosystem continues to grow and evolve. The potential of using cryptocurrency for everyday transactions, ranging from online shopping to travel bookings, showcases the immense possibilities of this emerging financial technology to revolutionize the transactional experience of every Australian and challenge the limitations of traditional payment methods.

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