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The In Your Pocket Readers’ Travel Photography Contest is Officially Open!

2018 promises to be another bumper year for everyone here at In Your Pocket, with plenty of things already fighting for prime real estate on our particularly creative and crammed plate. We have many of our own endeavours to undertake, but one thing that sits pretty on our to-do list for the year is to create a closer bond with you, our magnificent In Your Pocket readers.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be running a triannual photography competition that will culminate in December 2018 with the crowning of an overall champion. Whether or not that individual will be given the title ‘Grand Champion of All and Sundry’ remains to be seen, but there will be plenty of prizes awarded along the way and a big one to cap it all off. 

A stunning sunset over Piran | © Joe Parks/Flickr

We all know what a photography competition is, right? We’re looking for you to send us your finest travel pictures, be they of beasts, blooms or buildings. We will then come together (like the fine democracy we are) to adjudicate, before announcing the winner in our monthly newsletter (which you can sign up for by downloading a guide from our site). All entries are welcomed, and we look forward to seeing everything from professional shots to amateur majesty to strangely well timed pictures taken during sporting events.

To enter the competition, simply send your picture to Don’t forget to tell us a little about the picture, what it means to you and where it was taken. We’ll showcase a few of the shots on social media over time, although there can only be one winner.

Police at a march in Krakow | © smif/Flickr

That winner will receive a copy of An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery for their troubles, complete with a handwritten letter from the author. They will also go into the hat (literally, a hat) for the end of year grand prize.

The closing date for entries this time is the morning of April 30, let’s go with 11:00 (CET). We look forward to seeing your snowy winter shots, and best of luck to all involved!

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  1. Hi!! That’s a very nice idea (the photo competition) that interests me a lot to involve. I would like to make just a couple of questions if you don’t mind.
    Are the pictures supposed to be taken within 2018 and do they have to be of a high resolution camera ?

    Many thanks in advance !

    • Hello Adreas, thanks for the reply. We can say ‘no’ to both questions, the photos can be from any time and they don’t need to be from a high resolution camera. Good photography is good photography after all. Thanks!

  2. Hello!

    I have a question regarding the place the photos can be taken: Is it O.K. if the photos are from a country not listed on here: Posted in About IYP, Austria, Bulgaria, Christmas, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, In Your Pocket News, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland?

    Kind regards!

  3. So it’s not possible to enter unless you have joined up to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

    You’ve just taken out all individualistic discoverers who might otherwise have participated.
    Remember, always take the path less trodden to succeed as a traveller or explorer!

    • Hello John, thanks for your comment. We’re working on setting up a standalone email for the competition, and will be accepting mailed entries from Spring onwards. The initial competition was a trial of sorts, to see if it was worth continuing throughout the year. The thumbs are up on that front, and it’ll open up in time. Thanks again.

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