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Born in 1981, Lovro Jakšić graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Split followed by the Art Academy in Split with a major in sculpting. His entire life has been tied to the island of Brač and after completing his studies, he chose to return to the island where he lives and works today.

Angel, Sculpture by Lovro Jakšić

Jakšić was literally born into an art family which has been working on stone for many generations. Hence why his greatest love is stone and all his creative efforts are applied to this natural material which is in abundance on the island. His recognisable artistic handwriting can be seen on the surface of the material that is played with rough and rustic surfaces in contrast to the smooth and gentle surfaces, thus creating a rhythm of recognisable figurative forms. A large number of his sculptures can be seen in public and private collections and open areas throughout Croatia and abroad. At present, he is working on two claddings for a private villa and an angel for a private collection. Jakšić, though still relatively young is not a jack of all trades, but rather a master of his own trade. The beauty and originality of his work is worth seeing…

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