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The Goldsmith’s Treasure (Zlatarovo zlato)

Avid readers should definitely get a hold of the first Croatian historical novel, written in 1871 by August Šenoa and was only recently translated into English.

The Goldsmith’s Treasure, Spiritoso d.o.o. Archives

It’s a tale of a prohibited love between the daughter of a goldsmith and a nobleman’s son set right here in the heart of Zagreb. The same streets, squares, churches, markets and monuments you’ve seen yourself whilst visiting our city reappear in the book. This fight for love and passion is dramatised with the addition of nobles, commoners, charlatans and murderers who attempt to divide the devotions that Dora and Pavao have for one another. The novel is the perfect memoirs of Zagreb, a great addition to your library collection or a subtle souvenir for a friend. Buy a book at: Take Me Home Croatian Design Shop, Link Gallery, Croatian Design Superstore at Franjo Tuđman Airport, Znanje Bookstore, Ljevak Bookstore, Hoću knjigu!, Tisak Media. For more info visit: or FB page.





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