Zagreb Top 10 Summer Events

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Whether it be click-click tourism, or clink-clink brunch, Zagreb has plenty for you to sample this summer, ensuring you’ve earned that evening drink-drink. To see more download the latest version of Zagreb In Your Pocket here, and follow our social media pages to keep updated on all new happenings!

1. 1918 – A Turning Point for Croatia

Nov 11 2018 – Sep 15 2019 Matoševa 9, Croatian History Museum

Exactly 100 years ago to the day of this exhibition opening, WW1 ended. This was a crucial period in Croatian history as it terminated relations with the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and joined a new state, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. History buffs get to explore and learn of the entire political, social and economic changes through to mid-1919; from life on the battlefield and the aftermath of the war through to becoming a member of a new kingdom. It’s a historian’s paradise!

2. SintArt 11 – Kristian Kožul, Sisyphus exalted. Exercising repetitions

 Jun 1 – Sep 15 2019  Vrhovec 38 , The Richter Collection

Located in the former workstation of the artist Vjenceslav Richter’s family home, Kožul finds a bridge between Richter and himself as they are of two completely different artistic sensitivities. The common link between them is the repetition of elements as a method of creating an artwork whether it is a circle, a square or a line in 2D or 3D manifestations.The exhibition is heavily influenced by Richter as Kožul experiments in presenting hybrid landscapes shaped by repetitive methods.

3. Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Zagreb

Friday Sep 6 – Monday Sep 16

On the occasion of its seventieth anniversary edition, one of Croatia’s most prominent festivals, the ‘Dubrovnik Summer Festival’ comes to Zagreb in September. Many home based artists, musicians and photographers partake in organising the event in Dubrovnik, and now they’re doing ‘the switch’ to celebrate the collaboration between Zagreb’s artists and the festival. This pop-up version will present a varied selection of the festival’s best theatre and music productions. 

4. One Hundred Items for One Hundred Years – The Treasure of the Ethnographic Museum

Jun 4 2019 – Nov 15 2019 Trg Mažuranića 14 , Ethnographic Museum 

On the occasion of celebrating one hundred years since its founding, the Ethnographic Museumis launching a special exhibition whereby one hundred selected items from the museum’s rich collection tell one hundred stories about the amazing heritage and roots of our culture in a fun and interesting way. Visitors discover those stories interactively through audio books, multimedia, souvenirs, jewellery, scrap books and field recordings of rural everyday life a century ago.

5. Cycle of Multiple Senses Exhibitions ‘Untouched Nature’ – The Island of Rava

Jun 10 2019 – Aug 31 2019 Draškovićeva 80/ll , Typhlological Museum 

Zagreb’s Typhlological Museum is launching a cycle of exhibitions with a four-year theme called ‘Untouched Nature’ and the first exhibition is entitled ‘The Island of Rava’. This small island off the Zadar archipelago with a surface of only 3.63 km² and its ethnography (i.e. customs, traditions etc.) will stimulate our five senses in a different and comprehensive way, with a special adaptation for persons with disabilities. The exhibited items were used by the local population during the period between WWI and the 1960s.

6. Mirjana Vodopija – The Wandering Landscape

Jun 18 2019 – Aug 18 2019 Avenija Dubrovnik 17 , Contemporary Art Museum 

See how multimedia artist Mirjana Vodopija examines the experience of space – indicating a sense of freedom in open spaces, and the protection and safety one finds in enclosed spaces. The exhibition consists of five thematic parts with a total of 30 works of vast landscapes, from surreal infinite plains and crouched mountains to dream-like cliffs and lakes. 

7. Heimo Zobernig

Jul 2 2019 – Aug 18 2019 Avenija Dubrovnik 17, Contemporary Art Museum 

Austria’s contemporary artist Heimo Zobering encompasses a series of spatial interventions and installations through performance, film, sculpture and painting. He is known for the monochrome ideal whereby a room or stage is filled with composites of triangles or networks, based on the inheritance of constructivism, colour theory and geometric abstraction with the use of sculptures, videos, and room installations that are both decorative and functional to the viewer.

8. The 53rd International Folklore Festival  

Jul 17 2019 – Jul 21 2019 Various city locations

One of Zagreb’s mega cultural manifestations returns and the main focus of this year’s festival will be on the diverse folkloric heritage of the Žumberak and Gorski kotar areas which connect the mainland with the coastline regions of Kvarner, Hrvatsko primorje, Rijeka and Istria. Do expect various exhibitions and workshops with representatives of national minorities and a total of 30 groups will perform, along with fifteen ensembles representing the heritage of other nations and cultures. It’s a folklore feast! 

9. The Courtyards

Jul 12 2019 – Jul 21 2019 Upper Town

Take a peek behind the facade of the Palaces of the Upper Town‬ and enter a world of ‎Zagreb‬’s ‎courtyards‬. Experience a part of the city that you have never experienced with citizens and government institutions proudly flaunting their ‘yards’ to the general public. Stories of legends will be retold, unravelling the past through these green oases.

Photo by Matija Vuri, Katapult Archives

10. Tuškanac Summer Stage

Jun 14 2019 – Sep 8 2019 Tuškanac 1

Fans of film will once again be able to enjoy a handful of quality movie events and festivals from June to early September at the popular Tuškanac Summer Stage. ‘Snap, camera and action’ as the schedule includes several programs: The First Row to the Sea of Films, Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival, European Film Review and Zagreb Film Festival review. For more details, visit the Tuškanac Summer Stage Facebook page.

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