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20.01 – 02.02
Festa Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik kicks off the year with this excellent festival encompassing music, literature and traditional culture. The focus of this year’s festival is the musical heritage of the Beatles, which will be performed by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, while the concert programme also features the traditional klapa acapella singing much beloved in Dalmatia, opera and the Dubrovnik rock scene. There is a presentation of an English translation of the literary classic Dundo Maroje by 16th century Dubrovnik writer Marin Držić, an exhibition of art dedicated to Dubrovnik’s protector, Saint Blaise, and presentations of food and drink are also on the menu.

Dubrovnik Tourist Board Archives

23.01 – 25.01
Anche le pulci hanno la tosse
(Fleas Cough Too)
A family-friendly play by Fulvio Tomizza (1935-1999), the title denotes someone small and seemingly powerless who nevertheless wishes to make their voice heard. It follows the fortunes of Saltellini, an ambitious flea who loves to visit the opera and mimic the antics of the opera divas. But what do the spider, the mosquito and the centipede make of it? And can fleas really sing opera? A treat for young and not-so-young alike! Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, Rijeka,

Anche le pulci hanno la tosse, Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theatre Rijeka Archives

26.01 – 27.01
Drito iz Tvornice
“Drito iz Tvornice” is Zagreb’s biggest winter hip-hop festival. It will take place for the 3rd time this January! Listen to the beat of Balkan hip-hop at the largest club in Zagreb, the Cultural Factory. Kanđija will be performing with Gole žene on Friday night, and on Saturday night, High5 will perform. These spectacular two days of hip-hop music stand for the first important festival of the year and it’s believed to be packed. Mark the dates on your calendars because this is one event you don’t want to miss. Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb,

Who See

Night of Museums 2018
For the 13th year in a row, the Croatian Museum Society, in cooperation with a number of Croatian museums and other heritage site institutions, will be holding the annual Night of Museums. Visitors will be allowed to look at the exhibitions at various museums without having to pay an entrance fee. It’s crowded so you have to keep moving from art piece to art piece, but it’s a great way to get a feel for all the artwork offered at the numerous museums in the city and an entertaining way to spend a cold winter evening. This year’s theme will be sports, since coming up in the winter of 2018, are the European Men’s Handball Championship, as well as the XXIII. Winter Olympics.

Night of the Museums, Croatian History Museum Archives

65th Zagreb Festival
This festival has for 65 years now been one of the bastions of a style of music known in Croatia as “zabavna glazba” (literally, “fun music”), or by the German name “Schlager”. English-speaking audiences would probably recognise it as “easy listening”. Reaching its zenith between the 1950s and 1960s, it is still eternally popular in many countries with all generations,with nostalgic, even kitsch connotations as seen at Eurovision. This festival is one of the first big cultural events of the year, warming the cockles on a winter evening with sweet lyrics and syrupy tunes. City Plaza Zagreb – Dvorana Kornati,

Marko Tolja, Photo by Josip Regović, Story

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