Treat yourself! The artisan desserts in Zagreb

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Four months ago a new pastry shop called Time opened in Zagreb, and having heard only words of praise about young confectioner Robert Hromalić and his cake creations we decided to head over there ourselves.

Time Pastry Shop, Photo by Blanka Valić

The pastry shop is located at Ulica Nikole Tesle 14, just a few minutes’ stroll from Trg bana Josipa Jelačića. Though small, the interior is beautifully designed and there is also a terrace where you can enjoy your sweet treats in the open air.

Time Pastry Shop Archives

Just looking into the display cabinets took our breath away. It was hard to decide which cake to choose. A helpful employee explained and described each individual confection. It was love at first sight not only with the beautifully-presented cakes but also with the ingredients inside: Valrhona chocolate ganache, chocolate caramel, cherries in Kirsch, almond milk ganache and almond paste, salted caramel with Madagascar vanilla, mascarpone parfait with vanilla, dark chocolate ganache with orange peel confit…

We finally decided upon cheesecake with cow’s milk skuta (curds) from Pag island, tart of Madagascar vanilla and 100% hazelnut. With the very first bite the explosion of flavours and aromas was incredible. We were absolutely delighted and finally understood why the entire city is talking about these cakes.

Time Pastry Shop Archives

We would recommend anyone taking a walk through Zagreb to take a sweet break and visit this pastry shop, it certainly is a treat to write home about. Since the cakes on offer change depending on the seasonal ingredients available we can hardly wait until the first days of spring and a new offering of cakes.

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