Are you shopping for windows? No! Not at all! I’m admiring the window displays for shopping…

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Whilst strolling around Zagreb during these winter days, it wasn’t the reflection of ourselves in the shop windows that had caught our eyes, rather it was the sheer creativity and uniqueness of the displays presented that had made us stop and stare!

It’s a known fact that famous brands and stores across major world metropolises take the decorating and designing of shop windows very seriously; so much so that they’ve become somewhat of a major tourist attraction. The backdrop behind shop windows includes artistic installations, theatrical plays, fairytale stories and more…

It appears as if our city boutiques, department stores and other retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and joined the world trend with some nifty and thrifty showcases themselves. There are interesting stories, designs, logos, accessories and other creative touches prepared by designers that we had to record with our camera.

Despite the fact that we had only walked the narrow parts of the city centre, there are also interesting shop window displays in other parts of the city. So if you happen to come across an eye-catching shop window, feel free to take some snaps and send your photos to us and we’ll be delighted upload them at



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