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Visiting Zagreb is always a pleasure at this time of year with the cooling off period from a hot summer prevailing, and therefore producing milder weather and time for leisure. The city is always buzzing with lots to do and see especially in a cultural sense. Museums and galleries are always a great way to get in touch with the city’s history. This edition goes one step further with several places and tours beyond the city and out into the villages and towns where an outdoor trip or excursion offers another experience to the senses!



The romantic town of Samobor is home to this charming Hotel which combines history and tradition. The building itself is a cultural monument and it includes an a la carte restaurant with a super varied selection of homemade dishes and drinks. Zagrebians who come across for a weekend getaway will often dine for lunch or dinner and the rustic interior matches the Samobor hillside. Suitable by public transport, this is definitely a great escape with more to do whilst there. www.lavica-hotel.hr


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Hidden amongst the lush green grounds nearby Zagreb, on the way to Samobor, lies this fairy-tale ethno farm with its traditional flower houses, old wells, lakes and beautiful meadows. It includes homemade food, horse riding and gorgeous nature which will take your breath away at first glance. A perfect destination for various day outings or events! www.etnofarma.com


Located in the Zagorje region, this museum covering and impressive 1100 square meters is a true paradise for all lovers of the world of old-timers. Here one can see a collection of over twenty cars, sixty motorcycles and several buses and bicycles from the 1950s to 1970s which used to roam through Zagorje streets. muzej-oldtimera-presecki.hr

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Step back to the Stone Age via this interactive museum that incorporates leading multimedia and technology to produce a one of a kind experience. The story of evolution is retold with an importance of the way the Neanderthals lived in the area 125,000 years ago. The remains of dozens of fossilised bodies as well as animal species were found on the museum’s site, thus making it the most numerous and varied of such fossils in the world. It might sound eerie, but its true mystery! The museum is located in Zagorje, about 50km outside of Zagreb. www.mkn.mhz.hr


This unique project in Croatia has been designed to further enrich our tourist offer by converting public spaces (schools, parks, museums etc.) into temporary/whacky outdoor science labs with scientific and interactive educational content. The project targets all age groups where each exhibit deals with interesting phenomena in the field of astronomy, physics, geography and psychology. www.parkznanosti.com


The picturesque and one of the best-preserved 13th century castles in Croatia named ‘Dubovac’ has held many roles throughout history and has undergone numerous renovations. It was governed by various noble families, most notably the Frankopans, whilst today serves as a tourist attraction with a gorgeous view of Karlovac. Visitors can enjoy the medieval atmosphere whilst enjoying coffee and special dishes at the wonderful Bistro Kastel. www.karlovac-touristinfo.hr


Rivers are a source of life and the city of Karlovac is famous for its four rivers, each just as lovely as the other. Visit this modern aquarium with over 100 freshwater fish inside as we get to know our fishy friends better and understand more fully just how rich in beauty and biodiversity the Karlovac region is. aquariumkarlovac.com

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Easy Hills Agency specialises in renting e-bikes and organising cycling excursions around the city of Jastrebarsko, including booking a potential wine and gastro tour around the mounts of Žumberak and Plešivica. E-bikes are a perfect way to explore the city surroundings since they require minimal effort whether you’re a recreational rider, child or older person. Tour guide Davor is guaranteed to deliver a pleasant experience through the Jaska area hills. easyhills-croatia@gmail.com


THE 14th PUMPKIN FESTIVAL (19.10 – 21.10)
The best time to visit Ivanić-Grad is the third weekend of October when the most popular tourist and event Bučijada is held featuring over 200 exhibitors with their traditional food and wine products. As the city park becomes an artistic haven inspired by pumpkins, there are also an abundance of pumpkin inspired events being held such as pumpkin rides, playgrounds, workshops, concerts, rich gastronomy and more. www.tzig.hr

Photo by Višnja Arambašić


If you love the great outdoors then head out to this large protected wetland which is home to thousands of birds through to rare animal and plant species. Rent a bike at the Info Centre or hire a canoe to get the best of the landscapes. Most of all, this area is best known for the European Stork Village called Čigoč. www.pp-lonjsko-polje.hr

Photo by by Lidija Miscin


The estimated four million year old and 300 meter long Vrelo Cave in Fužine is not only exceptionally beautiful and rich with its spectacular mountain spring, lake and abyss, but is also the only tourist-cave in Europe that can be visited by all ages and even people with disabilities due to its mild configuration of terrain. www.tz-fuzine.hr

Photo by Marinko Jakovljevic

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