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Tips For Starting a Travel Blog

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It’s one thing to visit a place and enjoy what it has to offer, but it’s totally different when you get to share the experience with others.

The world is chock full of exciting destinations that you just can’t help but want to document. While posting on Facebook and Instagram has become the standard form of travel documentation, running your own travel blog offers the best benefits.

For one, a travel blog gives people tips and tricks on what to do in a certain place. More than that, having your own travel blog provides an avenue for sharing every detail about your travels. You also get to earn from it as as your audience grows and brands begin to explore possible partnerships with you.

It’s very likely for the travel industry to recover from the Covid-19 crisis, so you might as well take this time to consider setting up an online collage of moments just in time for the return of international flights.

Keep these tips in mind as you plan out your travel blog:

1. Develop your brand

Think of your blog as your very own space that you would like others to see. And because it’s your own space, it has to adopt your identity and personality. Are you a serious travel photographer who focuses more on natural sceneries or are you more into experiencing nightlife culture in the Baltic countries? It’s all up to you. The most important thing here is to build a travel blog that’s unique and authentically yours.

2. Set up your platform

This has to be the technical side of starting a travel blog or any type of blog for that matter. Fortunately, there are platforms that make it easy for you to design visually-appealing blogs. WordPress, for one, is great for beginners. You get to choose the themes you like and post photos and text content in just a few clicks. If you are looking for greater creative control, you can always use a premium plan that offers advanced security features and customization tools.  

3. Publish content as you go

As a travel blogger, you might want to consider posting updates throughout your journey. That said, prepare to bring along a laptop that’s ideal for long travels. You also need a high-definition camera to capture moments as they happen, but a smartphone will do if you want to post in real-time. For more-detailed content, you can sit down at a cafe to write a blog post, complete with high-quality photos. There are also coworking spaces like Novel Coworking in the United States that offer complete amenities.

4. Promote using social media

If you want the audience of your travel blog to grow, you might want to create a social media page for it. You can share links to new blog posts and publish other content that encourages people to visit your travel blog. Your weekly visits will see an uptick in a matter of weeks!

The world is getting smaller, but there are still countless destinations many people have yet to explore. If you are planning to visit these places after the pandemic, make a habit out of sharing your enthusiasm and appreciation for traveling.

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