Feature Your Photographic Work in Poland In Your Pocket

Who we are

Poland In Your Pocket 

A network of city guides published in English in print and online. We cover Gdańsk, (Sopot & Gdynia), Katowice, Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Tarnów, Warsaw & Wrocław. Written in a witty, impartial and informative style, you’ll find almost limitless amounts of info on what to see and do, plus all the history and cultural background you could possibly wish for.

IYP City Guides 

IYP City Guides is a publishing and service company within the tourism industry in Poland focusing on the production of city travel guides, as well as advertisement solutions for local companies. We create unique travel tools that inspire memorable experiences and provide relevant information while bringing local products and services closer to visitors.

Who we seek

  • Young, ambitious and adventurous photographers looking to expand their portfolio of work

  • Professional freelancer photographers seeking a larger and stronger exposure of their work.


What we need 

We focus on the city and therefore strive to share with our readers visual content which is beautiful, engaging and unique. With this goal in mind, we are constantly seeking for original photographic content to feature in our city guides, websites and social media channels. We want to collaborate with local photographers in all the cities we cover to outsource photographs to use in:

  • City Guides + mini-guides covers

  • Social Media (mainly FB cover pictures)

  • Promotional material (city campaigns)
  • Photos of exteriors and interiors

What we offer

  • High exposure on city guides and mini-guides cover
    City Circulation/issue Frequency/year
    Gdańsk (Sopot & Gdynia) 15,000 guides; 30,000 mini 3
    Katowice 10,000 guides 3
    Kraków 20,000 guides; 40,000 mini 6
    Łódź 10,000 guides; 10,000 mini 3
    Poznań 15,000 guides; 18,000 mini 3
    Warsaw 20,000 guides 25,000 (June-July) 40,000 mini 6
    Wrocław 15,000 guides; 20,000 mini 3
  • Credits in “Cover Story” section on the Foreword page at the beginning of the guide (description of photo, author, social media, website, store…)
  • Prominence & linkage in social media during the period of issue (FB, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Entry in our photographer’s database.
    • Potential collaborations on specific briefs commissioned by Poland In Your Pocket.
  • Possibility of selling your work in the IYP Shop (or social media)
  • Any other idea which will make the collaboration worthwhile to you.

How to reach us

Please fill out the form below, this will automatically add you to our photographer’s database. * Filling the form DOES NOT mean we will feature your work immediately. We need to have explicit consent from your part to do so. You can also contact us directly to poland@inyourpocket.com and let us know about your work. Please use the Email Subject: “I’m a photographer.” * Make sure to use the right Subject.