Gdańsk In Your Pocket no.59
Sopot & Gdynia

When I first travelled to the Tri-city a few years ago, I was surprised to discover crowds of enthusiastic historical reenactors in the streets of Gdańsk Old Town despite the damp weather. I had arrived on the 11th of November, which is not only Armistice Day but also Polish Independence Day. This period not only realised the Second Polish Republic but was also instrumental in the development of the Tri- city, most notably for the little fishing village of Gdynia. In my own personal history, just under a century later, I was unaware that this would soon become my home!

As a tourist in the autumn period and the so-called ‘off- season’, I fell in love with the Tri-city as I walked through the millennia-old streets and absorbed its unique history (p.26). I drank coffee at some of the best cafes I’ve ever been to (p.80), saw some furious local metal bands perform in the dockyarks (p.110) and enjoyed the beautiful autumn trees and forest trails between Sopot and Gdynia (p.65).

Now that the European summer is done for another year and many people are preparing to hybernate, I look forward to getting out to all the events (p.10) and activities that the north of Poland has to offer! It’s true that daylight hours are shorter but they say that the most fun is had at night (p.114). Something to keep in mind…

Cover story

Brama Mariacka – a shadowy Gothic gateway that opens up onto Ulica Mariacka, the Amber district of Gdańsk Old Town. At the top of the street rests St Mary’s Basilica, the city’s most visible landmark. Read about this picturesque area on p.30

Photo by Tuomas Lehtinen

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The Story of Solidarity in Gdańsk


World War II in Gdańsk


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