Warsaw Wonder Walls

© Photos by Mat Fahrenholz for Warsaw In Your Pocket.

What is a wall? It protects or isolates, it establishes a limit, a borderline between the inside and outside. Old and new they are the ubiquitous element in our urban labyrinths: facades, alleys, fences and every building wall around us. A simple brick Tetris, advertisement space, an array of windows, street art canvases, barriers and territorial seals, gang or hooligan banners, they stand and witness the pass of time. There is a particular aesthetic beauty in this derelict old vertical surfaces that makes us look at our cities with nostalgia. Here’s a brief photo essay by photographer, Mat Fahrenholz, of old Warsaw Wonder Walls.


I was poking about in my old photos and found this series of pics of old walls and buildings around the centre. They were all taken around 2010-ish. Most have now been smartened up, knocked down, re-developed or had a colourful mural painted on ’em! I always thought the buildings had a kind of beautiful gothic quality and looked like they had been through a hell of a lot through history. I was using a really shit little camera at the time. 

— Mat Fahrenholz


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