10 Best Restaurants in Warsaw to Eat Polish Dumplings (Pierogi)

Polish food is known for being hearty, simple and very affordable. There are many staple Polish dishes, but the one that has transcended borders are Polish Dumplings or ‘Pierogi’ in Polish. You can definitely find them in cities like New York, Chicago and Toronto, where Polish communities thrive, but also London, Baltimore, Vilnius, Buenos Aires or Mexico City. In fact, it’s safe to say that “where there is a Pole, there are pierogi.” In the US you can even find them in the frozen food section of some large supermarket chains.

These doughy dumplings can be savoury or sweet, filled with potato (the Ruskie kind), meat, sweet cheese, mushrooms and cabbage, strawberries or plums. The possibilities are truly limitless! So, if you decide to visit Poland, you can’t leave without trying the real thing. There are lots of Polish restaurants in Warsaw serving pierogi, so make sure to add this culinary experience to your travel itinerary. These are our top recommendations in Warsaw.

1. PierOgarnia

Some of the most authentic (and tastiest) pierogi you’ll find, all in a space that weaves together family tradition, local flavor and a homey atmosphere Read more

2. Prodiż warszawski

Classic, traditional Polish dishes in a PRL setting in the city centre. Find out what the name stands for.  Read more ➞

3. Gościniec Polskie Pierogi

Right at the entrance to the Old Town, with hearty food from soups, pierogi, potato pancakes and various meat offerings, all at very reasonable prices. Read more ➞

4. U Barssa

This classy restaurant brings a refreshing refinement to the Old Town and traditional Polish cuisine (along with some of the best pierogi in Warsaw) Read more ➞

5. Zapiecek

It doesn’t get more Polish than this. Read more ➞


6. Syrena Irena

These guys have pierogi making down to a science, with a ton of flavorful, unique and delicious fillings (plus, a chance to customize your sauce!) Read more ➞

7. Restauracja Różana

A two-floor pre-war villa full of chichi touches, flowers and crockery, it is one of the best dinner deals in Warsaw. Quality food and service. Read more ➞

8. AleGloria

The pure pleasure and simplicity of Polish cuisine elevated to world-class gourmet standards. Read more ➞

9. U Fukiera

The most famous and oldest restaurant in the Old Town, it is taken under the wing of Magda Gessler, Poland’s culinary celebrity. Read more ➞

10. Czerwony Wieprz

A socialist-era flat with walls that are bedecked with communist era memorabilia, this restaurant has a lovely, faded and nostalgic glam to it. Read more ➞

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