❤️❤️10 restaurants in Warsaw to Nurture Your Romance

At first glance, Warsaw might not look (or feel) like a romantic city. Love might not be in the air (specially in the winter) and you might strive to find a love-inspiring scene amongst the glass and concrete towers and the old buildings. But neither the weather nor the architecture make up the recipe for love. In fact, the only ingredients are you and your partner… Well, You, candlelight, never-empty glasses and the aroma of an amazing meal. So, let the culinary sting of the kitchen cupids lead you to romance.

?? Here are 10 restaurants in Warsaw to make a romantic dinner reservation for Valentine’s or any special day.

Belvedere ➸

Nestled inside Łazienki Park, Belvedere is a romantic orangery filled with foliage and a smattering of well-dressed tables both inside and out.

Rest. Baczewskich

For those whose spirit animal is the romp and rollick of the 1920s & 30s. Rest. Baczewskich is swept-up in a neo-Renaissance Palace and draws upon the culinary traditions of Galicia (now modern-day Western Ukraine) which was once within Polish borders during the interwar years.

Elixir by Dom Wódki

In addition to being an exceptionally cool-looking establishment, your date will be extra impressed by the unique ‘vodka pairing system’, which recommends specific vodkas to complement the ingredients and flavours of each dish on the menu! As for the food, expect some exquisite modern interpretations of Polish classics.


Their kitchen is almost built around an imported American Southern smoker, specialising in grilled and smoked meats, fish, fruit and even cheeses.

Beef n’ Pepper

All the beefy bits at BnP come from top-grade Polish cattle (28 days wet-aged, 30 days dry-aged) – the quality is excellent and the fact that they use the finest local meat means that prices are surprisingly reasonable. In addition to fine wines and classy spirits, every Tuesday from 19:00 is live music!


A two-floor pre-war villa full of chichi touches, flowers and crockery. Very pretty, but you’ll soon learn they attract return customers on account of the cooking, not the interiors.


An old style glamour from the exterior and a cool, modern, whitewashed brick and pale colour scheme interior. Signature dishes.

Seafood Station ➸

Large and very classy, this restaurant offers exquisite seafood, fresh fish, meat and caviar, combined with locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients for one of the best meals in town. Add some divinely-pressed white wine into the mix, and your date is a winner!

Trattoria da Antonio 

Sicilian-born chef Antonio Centurrino has been a fixture in Warsaw’s Italian culinary scene for as long as we can remember, and Trattoria da Antonio is his bambino. Choose from all the rustic Italian classics and throw in a bottle of red for good measure!

u Fukiera 

The most famous restaurant rich in the Old Town Market Square, it has a guestbook that speaks for itself; Naomi Campbell, Henry Kissinger and Sarah Ferguson are a few of the names who’ve taken a seat here.

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  1. Those are really nice restaurants, I need to catch up, because I have been to some of them. I would actually add one more – it would be the “Akademia” on Mokotow. It is a very romantic place, perfect for a date or Valentine’s Day – especially that they have a special offer for that day:) I love going there with my boyfriend.

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