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Welcome to wintry Warsaw and the first Warsaw In Your Pocket of the new decade! The start of a new year brings with it a fresh and frigid start. While the weather may not be ‘tourist-friendly’ per se, cold temperatures and potential snowdrifts are the perfect excuse to go on a culinary trail, all themed with cultural events from commercially romantic Valentine’s DayFat Thursday and Herring Night! What on earth, you may ask? Check out our feature on p.12 about traditions and taste sensations in Warsaw! It’s no surprise it can be cold in winter, and some people love to be out and about, and if it’s snowy, a walk in one of the city’s parks is a picturesque must! Whatever your interest, may it be Art, Gastronomy, Entertainment, Polish History, Science, Music, Religion, Jewish Heritage – Warsaw’s got you covered. Make sure to check out our Sightseeing section(p.30) to read up on Warsaw’s essential sights. February and March also typically bring with them a flurry of indoor entertainment options and 2020 doesn’t disappoint. Check p.16 for a list of events taking place in the city over the winter period. As always, let us know how you got on in Warsaw on our FB page and/or show us what you’ve seen during your time in the city by using the hashtag #Warsawinyourpocket through social media, or if you prefer, just use good old fashioned email:

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Aerial shots are just so damn impressive, especially when the sky looks as good as this! Taken from above Świętokrzyski Bridge, the riverfront and city centre are all visible.

Photo: Adobe Stock.

Main Feature: Winter Traditions and Taste Sensations!

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New Reviews

PKO Rotunda Cafe

Warsaw’s iconic city centre PKO Rotunda has returned and this time round, not just as a bank, but with a whopping 530m2 open space containing a cafe selling morning bagels, salads, teas/coffees and Rotunda shaped cheesecakes! Read more ➞

Brooklyn House

A classic American diner concept on steroids. Specialising in burgers and wings, they have a seasonally changing menu of signature dishes inspired by both traditional and new American cuisine (think steaks and ribs). Kids menu, lunch specials, happy hours… Read more ➞

TGI Fridays

The place where it’s always Friday needs no introduction. Staff fitted out with bells, whistles and other markings otherwise known as flair. Read more ➞


Right next to the Vistulan Boulevards, the panoramic river views from SEN are impressive in their own right, whether it’s summer or winter. Reservations necessary, kitchen open until 01:00 with an international menu with awesome cocktails. Read more ➞


One of the newest Polish restaurants to open in Warsaw right in the Old Town. Small but cosy and tasty. Read more ➞

Whiskey in the Jar Warsaw

An impressive ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ ‘steakhouse.’ By all means stay way longer to enjoy the cocktails! The list is extensive, all served in funky glasses and jars, most containing bourbon, ooh yeah! Read more ➞

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