What’s Cookin´? A Recipe for Life: Head Chefs, Best Restaurants in Poland

A new Poland In Your Pocket series that started during the pandemic lockdown, What’s Cookin´? asks the top chefs from the best restaurants around Poland to share recipes to cook while we #stayathome. Like the majority, we’ve started baking bread, cakes and other delightful treats to keep us entertained. Inadvertently rediscovering a suppressed talent and love for cooking, we found a therapeutic activity to pass the time and/or keep healthy by eating what we cook.

We will be adding new recipes and restaurants periodically. So, bookmark this link and keep tabs with our blog to know what’s cookin’ in Poland.

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I want to get more features on Poland and travel advice on cities like Kraków, Warsaw & Gdansk.

Chicken Katsu Curry Sushi Burger with Rice Patties!
Zucchini cake with asparagus and broad beans

Gilt-head Bream Ceviche
Morning Pancakes
Sweet Potato Fricassee 
Lemon Meringue Dessert 
Roast Veal

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