MADE FOR National Crisis Conference for Gastronomy: A Post-lockdown Summary

How many restaurants will reopen and what impact will the lockdown have on the Polish gastronomy market?

The National Crisis Conference for Gastronomy gave some answers. (May 12, 2020)

On Monday, May the 18th, the lockdown restrictions put on restaurants at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic in Poland were finally lifted. According to the survey conducted during the MADE FOR Restaurants 2020 online Conference:

  • 64% of restaurants plans to reopen this week and 34% will remain closed for a longer time
  • 72% of restaurant owners want to make their menus shorter and simpler but at the same time 63% of them does not see any reason to lower the prices
  • As much as 95% of conference participants will change the financial management in the company because of the lockdown

The National Crisis Conference for Gastronomy – MADE FOR Restaurants 2020 – took place online on May the 12th. It gave us the bigger picture of Polish gastronomy’s situation as well as the mood on this market. Despite the crisis of the whole HORECA optimism is predominant. Our virtual tour of the world of gastronomy (Italy, Russia, UK, Denmark and others) seems to confirm this optimistic approach. For example, restaurants in China, which have been open for over two months, are fully flourishing in the business.

The Conference gave its participants a comprehensive set of advice, knowledge and experience needed for the new reopening. In the agenda, you could find subjects such as:

  • possible scenarios for small business,
  • new target audience,
  • growing importance of delivery,
  • human resources,
  • labour law and
  • cooperation with suppliers
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Gastronomy needs a fresh start. We wanted to make our participants ready for the reopening: new business plans, new leaders, new guests, new technologies, in short – NEW US. Let’s take this pandemic as an opportunity for change. A chance to get rid of all inconveniences and all that was slowing us down. Let’s move only forward from now on!” – says Agnieszka Małkiewicz, head of FOR Solutions and originator of MADE FOR Restaurant conferences.

Crisis MADE FOR Restaurant 2020 gathered over 750 participants, 32 experts, 7 guests from abroad, 14 different specialists in the Program Council and over 8 hours of panels, discussions and interviews. It was the first event prepared on such a large scale in the history of Polish gastronomy.

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