Bridging the Gap: A Message from Poland In Your Pocket during Social Distancing

With Poland in lockdown like much of the world, let’s take a moment to reflect on how to make the most of this unanticipated situation. As we all hunker down at home, most of us in Poland are fortunate enough (so far) to say that our health has not been attacked by COVID-19, and yet it’s difficult not to concede that this detestable virus has already devastated our communities, businesses and in many cases our livelihoods.

Coronavirus in Poland

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For the first time in 21 years, Poland In Your Pocket has been forced to halt monthly production on our print guides, a dependable staple on the market for over two decades. As we press pause along with millions of other businesses it’s important to not go into complete hibernation, but keep active (while staying safe!), stay positive, be kind, support local businesses, connect online and keep the faith that together we will all get through this time of anxiety and uncertainty together.

At this moment we all have a common challenge, a common adversary, and are part of one global community confronting this hardship to various degrees, but together. Let’s all do our part to lift each other up through respect, positivity and compassion.

Although things are in a period of seemingly endless uncertainty right now, let’s remember that all this inertia that is building up will be released at some point. Those of us who are especially hard hit in the travel, gastronomy, nightlife, events and hospitality sectors (or all five in In Your Pocket’s case) will inevitably rebound when the time comes, and potentially come back rejuvenated, alongside the people like yourselves who support us. We are counting on that support and will be here to reciprocate when the worst has passed.

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For now, while we don’t have guides going to print, we are keeping busy on our online channels. Below you’ll find links to recent content from the Poland In Your Pocket team.

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Although local restaurants have been prohibited from serving guests inside their establishments, many have successfully shifted their business to takeaway and delivery. Here are our favourite places that are still fulfilling orders in Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice and Łódź.


Spring is blooming across Poland and though we strongly caution you against gathering in groups to celebrate the season, there are still plenty of wonderful places to get out of the house and safely enjoy the weather. Whether you’re an unfortunate tourist trapped abroad, or a local going stir crazy at home, we’ve identified the best places to explore the outdoors and some of the activities that are still functioning in Kraków and the Tri-city (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia).

Krakus Mound in Kraków – See safe activities in Kraków

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A lot of helpful initiatives are popping out during this crisis. The entertainment sector Seems that not everything is definitely taking a hit with artists at times being the most vulnerable. has just launched a call for piano music for local bands and musicians to share their music and feature in an online playlist on Piano Day, March 28. Check it out!



Rolling Issues: Toilet Paper in Poland

With many in Poland suspending their normal work routines in order to take up the building of toilet paper forts in the pantries full-time, we take a nostalgic look at the history of bog roll in Poland. The queues look the same, but will the country face the same shortages encountered during the communist era?

Rolling Issues: Toilet Paper in Poland

Did Poland Really Escape the Black Death?

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, people have been making obvious parallels with other major pandemics in history, most notably the Bubonic Plague, or ‘Black Death.’ In Poland lately we’ve all been reminded that Poland was somehow inexplicably spared by the plague in the 14th century. We did some fact-checking to see if that’s really true.

The surreal image of the Beaked Plague Doctor is synonymous with the Black Death. While the mask looks terrifying, it had a genuine purpose:
Inside the beak would be filled with perfumes and herbs to deflect miasma, the horrific stench of ‘bad air’ from both plague victims and the dead. 

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Drowning Winter’s Witch

Need a fun family activity while stuck at home? How about celebrating the arrival of spring by building an effigy of Marzanna – the Slavic goddess of winter, plague and death, drowning it, and then burning it too for good measure. This is the old pagan ritual we all need right now.

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