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Poznań In Your Pocket | 27.07.2017 | via email to

“I just wanted to say how useful your pocket guide is. It is beautifully written, informative and amusing. I have tossed aside our guide books in favour of yours – thank you and well done!”

– Janet Phillips, Australian tourist


Krakow In Your Pocket | 5.12.2016 | Mention in Krakow: 24 hours in Poland’s most perfect Christmas city, Travel section of is the city’s best and unflinchingly honest visitors’ guide.


Krakow In Your Pocket | 26.10.2016

sightseeing_smallWhoever wrote this guide in English needs a pay rise! It beats even the Lonely Planet which I thought impossible. Mainly because it is hilarious to read! Sat in a bar last night chuckling to myself …., mad English tourist. Must be written by an English person its humour is so dry! Congratulations whoever you are ( despite people thinking I’m mad!) you created a thing of mirth and knowledge.

Janet Dunn, UK

Krakow In Your Pocket | 20.10.2016

Just wanted to say thanks for your Krakow In Your Pocket guide – just back from a four night trip and it came in incredibly handy – for suggestions on things to see, for restaurants and for nightlife suggestions…
The thing I love about them is they’re written by people local to the city, with insider knowledge, so you get tips and suggestions other guides just don’t provide.

Chris Humphrys, London

Gdańsk In Your Pocket | 19.08.2016

We used your guide to Gdansk to great effect this week. In fact we pretty much planned each day around it. We love the laid-back and light hearted way the guide is written. We ate at places that were either ‘Editors Pick’ or ‘Featured’ and we were really pleased with each and every one. We highly recommend your guide to visitors travelling to the city. Our absolute favourite place to eat was Kubicki . We were able to get a seat outside next to the river. The staff were friendly and helpful and the food was fantastic. We ate there on the first night and it set a benchmark that wasn’t to be beaten the rest of the holiday. Thanks for making our first ever visit to Poland a successful one.

Ed Dunsdon

Wroclaw In Your Pocket | 1.08.2016


Warsaw In Your Pocket | 9.07.2016

My husband and I recently spent a few days in Warsaw.  I would just like to let you know that we found your guide extremely useful.  Not only that, but for me, as a person educated in English (although born in Poland), I especially appreciated the lively, humorous and well-written texts describing various points of interest.  They were obviously written by a native English speaker (or, should I say, a Brit, judging from some of the expressions used).  In any case, I would simply like to congratulate the writer(s).

Keep up the good work!

Christine Leroy née Dziekonska

Kraków In Your Pocket | 13.03.2016

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your Feb-March edition of the Krakow In Your Pocket magazine the other weekend.  Useful information teamed with great writing made for an excellent read.

Keep up the good work.

Fiona Campbell. London, U.K.

Wroclaw In Your Pocket

Gdańsk In Your Pocket

Having just returned from lovely Gdansk, I felt I must e-mail to convey my congratulations and thanks for the great ‘Gdansk In your Pocket‘ publication.  I have used these guides before when in Krakow and am now a frequent visitor to the website to see whether there is a guide to cover my next destination!
The information/suggestions were invaluable and I agreed with several of the recommendations.  I look forward to using my nextIn your Pocket‘ guide.

Kind regards and thanks,

Ruth McGuinness, Ireland

Katowice In Your Pocket | 23.09.2012

Just read the first few pages of the Jul-Oct issue of Katowice IYP, and must congratulate you on a very well written report, and a great read!!!  at first I was put off by the jokey, sardonic style, but then I warmed to it and found the report on the uprisings absolutely fascinating.
Your phrase ‘As you do’ at the end of the first and second uprisings section matched perfectly my dry British sense of humour, and made me laugh outright in the breakfast room.

Allan Sanderson, Frankfurt

Poland In Your Pocket | 16.05.2010

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