Celebrating 140 Years of Trams, Buses, and Transportation in Krakow

This past weekend marked the celebration of 140 years of Krakow’s Public Transportation.  A morning parade, which had several stops, including Poczta Glowna and Plac Wolnica, allowing parade-goers to hop on a tram, ended at the Museum of Municipal Engineering, where all the buses and trams were available for exploration. Everyone was allowed in and all over the trams, ringing bells, steering, and feeling what it was like to be on a tram years ago. But the most exciting thing to see was that the new trams will take credit cards, meaning you won’t have to be constantly searching for coins before you hop on (or going all the way to Ikea to use their change machines to break your 100zl bills)!  So while the days of horse-drawn trams are far behind us, it’s always fun to take a look back.  And remember to go to our website to find out more information on how to use the trams and buses in Krakow!

This Photo Courtesy of the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow, Poland (Facebook 2015)

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