Krakow IYP No.100 – Cover Photo Shoot 1

Krakow IYP No.1 (1999)
Krakow IYP No.1 (1999)

Krakow IYP went out today to do a photo shoot and try to recreate the cover of their No.1 edition.

After working on a suntan, pulling random people from the Main Market Square and explaining to them what we want to achieve, two things came to mind:


(1) People are not used to having their picture taken anymore. I mean, if you see a happy couple promenading on the Main Market Square in Krakow it is more likely that in order to keep a souvenir of the moment they will pull out a stick and take a selfie, than ask someone to take the picture for them. This used to be nice: involving a complete stranger, and making him/her part of your own experience. I suppose the only sharing going on now is on Snapchat.

Town Hall Tower
Town Hall Tower

(2) When approaching people on the square it is really hard not to come off like one of the many ‘sales representatives’ from a wide range of businesses in gastronomy, adult-entertainment and golf cart tours. Even more so if you don’t look Polish, and you have a tourist guide in your hand and a weird looking bike loaded with promo material behind you.


Despite this we managed to photograph a few willing couples who where eager to start up a conversation and interested (or just polite) enough to ask about how we got started in Poland all those years ago.
Anyway, this is the result of our first photo shoot and the photos are a reinterpretation of the cover of our No.1 issue 17 years ago. Let us know what you think.

Thank you to everyone who agreed to share your time with us and didn’t mind the harassment. 

We’ll be back at it tomorrow, May 23 at 11:00AM. 

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