Krakow IYP No.100 – Cover Photo Shoots 2 & 3

Krakow IYP No.1 (1999)
Krakow IYP No.1 (1999)

We were at it again today and yesterday! Although not so many people where willing to pose for Krakow In Your Pocket we still did pretty good.

Our impromptu photographer, who’s been working on his tan, had the chance to give it a shot and be on the other side of the lens. Thought we really had to work on his pics, since in spite of his bonhomie and eagerness, he’s no Ryan Gosling.

monikabikeThanks to the help of friends who dropped by and others we met by accident, we where able to shoot some nice photos. This is the result of sessions 2 & 3.

Once again, thank you to everyone who agreed to share their time with us and remember tomorrow, May 25 @16:00 is our las photo shoot.

Today’s highlight.


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