The Graphic Pillar of the Krakow Photomonth Festival 2016

logo_en“Crisis? What Crisis?!” is the main theme of the 14th edition of Krakow Photomonth, Europe’s leading photography festival. The Main Program is curated by Lars Willumeit, German curator and social anthropologist.


This is already the 14th edition of the Krakow Photomonth Festival. The event has become a favourite amongst locals and it is a magnet for people from all over Poland and Europe. crisiswhat

As always the opening takes place in Starmach Gallery, which this year hosts the exhibition “New Europe”.
See the main programme here.

Something worth mentioning is the festival’s strong graphic design, which immediately makes the festival posters stand out. This unique visual identity, is the work of Pilar Rojo, who has already collaborated with the festival for some years. [To create] the posters Pilar used the photographs of all artists participating in the festival.

As compositions. There is no one main poster, they are always displayed in a group, and in each location the posters are arranged slightly differently. Sort of a collage made of collages.

pilar2For the past years during the months of May and June, Pilar’s deigns have become an emblematic element around the city: on walls, construction barriers, fences, and the billboard cylinders. They are an integral part of the Photomonth.

It’s the fact that I manged to prepare visual identification which is not a commercial promotional material, but a personal vision, a sort of “additional” exhibition in the festival’s program.


Pilar works and lives in Krakow. An extra factoid: she’s related to Vicente Rojo, a Mexican painter, sculpture and visual artist, born in Barcelona (amazing work, totally worth googling). It would be inaccurate to say she’s following on his steps, but she’s definitely building up a name in Poland. Read an interview with Pilar here.

Pilar Rojo (b. 1981) Freelance graphic designer, graduated in 2004 at Faculty of Fine Arts at Valencia University. She mastered her qualifications in graphic design in specialist courses, and attained a diploma of Technical Expert in Publishing Design.

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