EURO 2016 in Tri-city – Where to watch some footie

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With UEFA EURO 2016 taking place in France this June many bars and restaurants who’d normally never have a television will be getting them in to attract people through the door. Expect bars and clubs to be thronged when the Polish national team is playing.

Whether a liturgic fan or just a sideline sport enthusiast, the social factor will kick in, so better for you to know where to race to and watch the match.

In the Tri-city of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia in Poland, you can take advantage of the hopefully balmy summer weather to join the optimistic Polish fans cheer on their team on the beach, There are a number of fish & chip bars along the beach, particularly in Sopot which will be adding screens for customers while the PGE Stadion Letni near the pier in Gdansk-Brzezno will be the closest thing the city will have to a FanZone this year following the announcement that there will be no ‘official’ Fan Zones in Poland after a row over transmission fees.

Here are a few options in the Tri-city to go and support the team of your choice. Follow our blog for similar suggestions in other Polish cities.

PGE Stadion Letni (Gdansk-Brzezno Beach)

Gdansk – Buddha

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Sopot – Tapas du Rucola

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Sopot – Kava

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Gdynia – Piwiarnia Warka

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