“A Window Between Two Cities” – Luneta Project @ Wroclaw & Berlin

Featured image and photo credit: en.wroclaw.berlin/program/luneta

A high-tech, multimedia installation consisting of a dome equipped with state-of-the-art, real-time communication and interaction gadgets that bridges Wroclaw and Berlin in time and space. “A window between two cities” where Berliners and Wroclavians can interact with each other and have a glimpse at each other’s cities.


Images credit: en.wroclaw.berlin/program/luneta | Dome-Außenhülle © LUNETA 2016

DO NOT MISS IT (Until July 3): Step into a blue dome at ul. Pilsudskiego 105 in front of the train station in Wroclaw, Poland and you end up in Berlin’s Dorothea-Schlegel Platz.

As an initiative to celebrate the cultural and creative exchange between these two European cities and societies, the independent, Berlin-based forum for civic responsibility known as Stiftung Zukunft Berlin has joined with Wroclaw – European Capital of Culture 2016 – as well as with other partners from the fields of culture, politics, business, science and sport to draw attention to the current, and historically deep-rooted, relationship between Wroclaw (formerly German ‘Breslau’) and Berlin.


Luneta is really a window – a window between two cities which are divided; divided in many different ways. Because they are in two different countries they are divided through language, they’re divided through geography, but they are also divided through the imagination and memory.

Video credit: www.euronews.com

Division seems to be a word gaining currency these days – division amongst neighbours, generations and citizens. Our times seem to be permeated by political cleavage, social parcellation, economic fragmentation and a lack of solidarity and empathy, which has already led to a significant incision that will scar the European project for years to come.

It seems to me the world needs more Luneta-like projects, initiatives that bring people together, that spur the collective imagination of communities and that remind us that the only way forward is one where we all advance together towards shared (not equal) goals.

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