Top 10 Dance Clubs in PL

Featured image made by Poland IYP (from SODA & Prozac 2.0 FB photos).

Hard as it may be to create such a list, we do happen to be authorities on the matter (it’s our business to know these things, after all), so here’s our crack at the Top 10 Dance Clubs in PL, compiled from the suggestions of our local editors across the country.  Obviously there are so many good clubs in Poland these days that every major city could have their own list and we’d still leave some deserving venues out, but that’s what the comments section is for right? Feel free to stick up for your favourite dance party places in PL, and sound off on where you think we’ve gone wrong.

All photos from venues’ FB galleries.

1. The View – Warsaw

A hyper-posh rooftop nightspot with 360-degree bird’s eye views of Warsaw‘s skyline. Once past the streetside queue, the burly bouncers and the lobby’s red carpet, queue for two elevators that whisk you up to the club.

2. Pacha – Poznan

We’re as shocked as you, but yes, the world’s most famous clubbing franchise is in Poznań – Pacha’s only location in Central Europe! Positioning Poznań as a prime party city, it is magnet for weekend warriors.

3. Lordi’s Club & Foo Foo Bar – Lodz

Lordi’s has made a name for itself amongst students, tourists, expats, locals, Poles, visitors, celebrities, as the place to go to have a night out in Łódź. With a separate VIP room up the metal stairs (Foo Foo), Lordi’s is the biggest club in the city and has hosted a number of international DJ’s/performers and Polish homegrown celebrities. You won’t find hipsters here, nor will you find anyone interested in good conversation – this is a place to go crazy, let loose and enjoy the night.

 4. Eter Club – Wroclaw

Visit this modern marvel for a lesson in grand dance-club design. Eter is one of Wrocław‘s top venues with dazzling professional lighting and an incredible sound system. Spread over two underground levels with four(!) bars, chill out on the splendid upstairs mezzanine before heading down into dance-floor bedlam.

5. Domówka – Wroclaw

Not so much a club, but an experience. Once past the face-control, entrance, security and coat-check you’ll stroll into a packed ballroom-style scene all centered around a massive elevated dance-floor with a hypnotic vibe. The tile and brick wall-styling is somehow cheesy and chic at the same time, and the coordinated light displays that continually scan the room will leave you mesmerised.

6. Prozak 2.0 – Kraków

With an interior that remains an endless maze of underground rooms over two levels with an incredible four bars and three dance-floors, this cutting-edge club has an impressive line-up of top DJs on weekends.  A favourite in Krakow, the crowd is mostly local but fun, flirty and foreign-friendly as ever.

 7. Barka – Warsaw

Barka is basically a flat-topped barge, pimped-out to look modern and cool by the designers at Project Praga. Once you’ve navigated the narrow gangways and the security blokes, you’ll find a bar, stage and dance area. A whole series of gigs and guest DJ’s will be appearing throughout the summer and the venue is regularly mobbed with partygoers.

8. Klub Pomarańcza – Katowice

They claim this is one of the most modern dance clubs in all of Central Europe and it’s hard to disagree. Once you clear the metal detector, ample cover-charge and grabby security guards, hit the massive dance floor and be prepared for total sensory overload. Synchronized lighting effects, LED Screens, smoke machines and more lasers than the Death Star; a total of 3 dance floors, 6 bars, 2 VIP sections spread over 3 floors.

9. Buffet Klub – Gdańsk

Home to Gdańsk’s hipster crowd, this is one of the hardest to find but most rewarding venues in Tri-city. Find it inside the derelict remains of the former Lenin Shipyards in the Wyspa Institute of Art building. With a calendar of events featuring exhibitions, concerts, workshops and more, the major pull are the truly memorable nights which feature Polish and foreign DJs playing anything from indie to drum n’ bass.

Other worthy mentions in Tri-city:
Dream Club, and Zła Kobieta at The Crooked House in Sopot.

10. SODA Underground Stage – Lodz

You dress to impress at SODA. While your friends gawk at the girls lining the side sofas, you pretend to know this place inside out as you journey along the Cîroc & G.H. Mumm engine rooms, past the dominating central bar to the pleasantly surprising summer garden. Seemingly separated by musical genre’s, the two floors compete for the throngs of lavishly-attired guests in what is Łódź’s new big spender’s hub. Ergo, Friday’s here are a must.



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  2. When it comes to me, the thing I liked the most in Warsaw was the night life, especially the visit in the recommended New Orleans club. They have everything a guy could ever need.

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