#Krakow101: an Introduction to the City by Students

At Kraków In Your Pocket we are celebrating our longevity in the tourist market, specially after the publication of the landmark #100 and #Krakow101 editions of our bi-monthly English-language tourist guidebook. One such initiative, which coincided with the launch of issue 101, is a collaboration with the city’s international students community, which aims to acquaint new visitors with Krakow and what it has to offer during their stay.

hejnalWhat are you favourite spots in Kraków?

We are inviting all students (who have spent some time in Kraków and have a feel for the city) to contribute with Poland In Your Pocket by sharing with us your top local picks in the following categories:

  • Cafe to work and study
  • Place to eat
  • Bar for drinks / Club to party
  • Place to chill in town (square, park, area, neighbourhood…)


Share your experience 

If you wish to Go Deep, your contribution could also include your own vision of the city and some aspects of your stay. Fortunes and vicissitudes: an unexpected experience, a pleasant surprise or a cultural shock; and a word of advice or recommendation to new visitors.

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