New Reviews in Katowice In Your Pocket #28

Bar a Boo 1470931840_restaurant

Specializing in pizzas, pastas and other Italian treats, this popular eatery hits all the right notes and avoids being just another Italian place. Authentic wood fired pizzas, a seasonal menu with the freshest of ingredients and a colourful wine and drink menu make this place worth the trip to the furthest end of the Mariacki strip.

Basiliana 1470931840_restaurant

It took time for the word to get out but now the verdict is clear, this is not only the best pizzeria on Mariacki, but the best in Katowice. Thin crust, fresh authentic Italian ingredients, tangy sauce, wafer thin prosciutto and all can be washed down with Prosecco on tap!

Kartofelnik streetfood1

At this bright bistro (also an eco mini market) they’ve truly made the tater great by pairing it with all sorts of healthy and exotic fillings. Their huge organic and perfectly baked jacket potatoes become flavour transportation devices when paired with hummus, kimchi (!!!), chili con carne (the classic), various curries and even a few sweet options.

Mr Fox Pub&Resto 1470931840_restaurantcoctail

An extensive food menu covers all the major meals (including second breakfast and happy hour) and span most current culinary trends from obvious winners like burgers and pizza to healthier fare such as yoghurt and granola and goat cheese salad plus there’s even a little mexican thrown in (breakfast burritos!). Their extensive drink menu includes smoothies, shakes, original cocktails, coffee beverages and tea drinks.

Upojeni 1470931840_restaurant1471791072_cerveza

A Polish new-wave multi-tap craft beer bistro serving up tasty tapas and beautiful burgers which pair perfectly with the delectable nectar flowing from the pristine pipes.  In a cosy yet modern two floor secluded bar, it also serves daily gourmet lunch specials (chicken gnocchi with salami chips anyone?). Come early, come often and I’ll see you at the bar!

The International Conference Centre venue1
(Międzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe)

The newest architectural jewel in Katowice’s eclectic crown and this one comes with rooftop grass carpeting (keep off the grass!). And like any good carpet, it really ties the proverbial ‘room’ together (ie the city centre) and it does the seemingly impossible by forming a highly functional and even elegant emerald ‘bridge’ between the socialist Sci-Fi Spodek and the more modernist NOSPR building.

Park Trampolin JUMPCITY exercise

The newest fitness/recreation craze sweeping the globe (we’ve been told) is jumping like a madman around a room filled with trampolines and occasionally taking a dip into pits filled with foam. Release your inner six year old and literally bounce off the walls, ceilings and navigate some interesting obstacles. The perfect way to spend a rainy day, blow off some steam or just have some good old fashioned fun.

Lilou 1470932049_shop

This uniquely colourful and immediately inviting salon is filled with all sorts of glittering gadgets, precious pendants, delicate necklaces and leather bracelets. Their elegantly playful nature of the salon gives you the freedom to mix and match any of the items on display. Lilou is the perfect melding of French elegance and Polish craftsmanship.




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