New Reviews in Kraków In Your Pocket #101

Industrial (international) 1470931840_restaurant

A unique and enormous restaurant/venue with a stylish post-industrial design and focus on art (it twins as an art gallery) it is conceptually representative of the neighbourhood alongside MOCAK and Schindler’s Factory.

White Camel (Israeli) 1470931840_restaurant

With a simple and modest decor, warm hospitality and slightly grating Arabic music, this place captures what we now imagine it must be like to dine in a small eatery in actual Galilee. The most exciting thing isn’t what you order, but the numerous complimentary side dishes (including delicious falafel and hummus).

Pizzeria 00 1470931840_restaurant

This pizza place proves once again that all you really need to succeed is the ability to do one thing, and do it well. Neapolitan-Style pizza (only 8 options) made almost exclusively from imported, certified ingredients, prepared according to exacting tradition and baked for only 60 seconds in their 500-degree brick wood-fired pizza oven. In Podgórze.

Primo Gastronomia 1470931840_restaurant

A casual, subtly rustic restaurant for exclusive tastes, Primo presents signature dishes by head chef Rafał Włudyka and his hard-earned and well-learned vision that a restaurant can be welcoming to everyone and offer new and exciting tastes, while staying affordable. Tempting pizza and home made pasta in Podgórze.

The Spaghetti1470931840_restaurant

This group – the same behind La Campana and Bianca – know Italian, and put their expertise front and centre on the market square alongside some of the Rynek’s most established restaurants. Capably holding their own once again with a well-executed and mercifully concise menu of pastas, meat entrees, risottos and thin-crust pizzas, everything is made fresh on-site from Italian ingredients.

Brasailenia 1470931840_restaurant

Beautifully presented on gorgeous dishware and cutting boards, the chef is clearly a visionary and everything we tried was delicious – from the white vegetable cream soup with truffle oil and roasted pumpkin seeds, to the chicken saffron risotto and rack of pork ribs. A churrascaria is all about the skewered grilled meats, however, and not only are they tasty and tender, but the barbecue sauce is also top-notch.

Szara Gęś 1470931840_restaurant

Within one of the most coveted locales on Kraków’s market square, nestled among some of the most exclusive tables in town, ‘The Grey Goose’ has confidently established itself as one of the city’s best places for an exquisite, romantic dinner or special event.


Veganic 1470931840_restaurant

An outstanding vegan/vegetarian restaurant in the Tytano complex (a former tobacco factory), it possesses both an elegant backdrop for a romantic dinner, and an enormous garden for hipsters hangouts. A great place to discover new ingredients, enjoy a wide range of excellent, healthy, vegan and gluten-free breakfasts, soups, pastas, desserts, fruit smoothies and green cocktails.

Miejscówka 1470931861_cafe

Just over the pedestrian footbridge in Podgórze, this super-chill and surprisingly great cafe/bar/boardshop celebrates board sports with benches made from snowboards, skating zines spread about, a big projector for live competitions, and racks of designer longboards and snowboards for sale or rent.

Niebieskie Migdały (Blue Almonds cafe) 1470931861_cafe

A cute, modern cafe where you can tell everything has been well-considered, and they offer more than most: creamy soups (served in a mug), hot sandwiches, eggs and omelettes, delicious coffee and tea, smoothies, select wines and local craft beer.

Museum, I Remember  1470931879_museum

Dedicated to the painting of Polish-Jewish artist Chaim Goldberg (1917-2004). Born in the small shtetl of Kazimierz Dolny (some 250km north-east of Kraków), Goldberg was ‘discovered’ at the age of 14 and attended Kraków’s Mehoffer Art Academy before becoming the youngest student accepted to the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art in 1934. In Kazimierz.

Boogie Flowear (fashion) 1470932049_shop

Hip urban apparel by mostly independent Polish designers, including hoodies, sneakers, messenger bags, shirts, pants, fanny packs (apparently they’re called ‘hipbags’ these days) and more.


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