New Reviews in Poznań In Your Pocket #44

BO.Poznan (brunch) 1470931840_restaurant1470931861_cafe

The perfect brunch/coffee+newspaper spot, Bo.Poznan is frequented by couples in ironic t-shirts, three-generation families out for a festive breakfast, and caffeine-guzzling laptoppers alike. Homey enough to keep postponing your day’s activities and sit a while longer, they also serve ample portions of food for very reasonable prices. Recommended.

Karafka Bistro & Cafe 1470931840_restaurant1470931861_cafe

Located a stone’s throw from the Stary Browar shopping centre, Karafka offers breakfast bagels, burgers, crepes, pancakes, and sweet/savoury waffles in a modern and elegant interior. Lots of coffee and alc to be had here as well!

Wieniawskiego5 Restauracja 1470931840_restaurant

8-bit wall decor and lots of elegant wood and exposed brick – Wieniawskiego5 certainly has one of the best interiors on the Poz restaurant scene. Their upscale menu includes delicacies like goose in cherry sauce, venison ragout, and sea bass with mussels.

CYRYL – Lunch Coffee Wine 1470931840_restaurant1470931861_cafe 1470931900_red_wine

Tastefully decorated with whitewashed brick, blackboards, and chequered tiles, Cyryl serves up breakfast sets, paninis, salads, smoothies, burgers, and – naturally – tasty coffee and cake. Cute place, worth a visit.

Dobra Kawiarnia 1470931861_cafe

Or simply Good Cafe in English – was established with a mission: to create a positive working environment for people with mental disability. What resulted was a place of all-around positivity offering coffee, cake, breakfast, and occasional workshops.

U Hanki Zapiekarnia streetfood1

Greasy, filling, and vaguely guilt-inducing, these creations taste practically the same wherever you go. And yet, this little establishment sought to elevate the zapiekanka to the next level with some slow food magic, and the results are spectacular. Made with artisan bread (including a whole grain option), fresh ingredients, and delicious home-made sauces, these truly are in a league of their own.

Muchos coctail

It’s all “siesta & fiesta” at this lively and colourful locale – though not all week round, so make sure to check the opening hours. Seek it out and you’ll be rewarded with tapas, hammocks, a great selection of booze, and wild theme parties taking place downstairs (admission might or might not be free).

Pies Andaluzyjski coctail 1471450477_comedy_mask music venue guitar

“Theatre / music / vodka” – this is how ‘An Andalusian Dog’ describes itself in short. Named after the 1929 surrealist short film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, this eccentric den supplements its already alluring atmosphere with concerts, workshops, and performances.

Szpaner 1470932049_shop

(Swank) is all about cool street-style clothing by brands including Carhartt, Stussy, Obey, and Black Scale. And socks. Lots and lots of snazzy socks.

Słoik i Butelka 1470932049_shop

If you want to buy some authentic Polish gifts for the folks back home without cluttering their houses (or get a little something for yourself to remember the trip by), this is the place to do it. (‘Jar & Bottle’) specialises in Polish regional products including honey, preserves, oils, fruit wines, herbal teas, and more.

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