New Reviews in Warsaw In Your Pocket #94

Česká Pivni Restaurant 1470931840_restaurant1471791072_cerveza

The Czech Beer and Culinary experience has finally been corporatised and franchised at this popular city centre restaurant. The Pilsner is the real deal and served up fast, cold and as foamy as you like (go half and half). With competitive prices and large portions, this turns out to be a great spot for a mid-day city escape or an early evening Urquell session.

LOWE 1470931840_restaurant

The extra V is either for the extra virgin olive oil they use or the extra love they put in all of their delicious seasonal dishes. The stunning fresh grilled tuna loin salad with a poached egg was light and full of flavour while the tiger prawn burger with pineapple chutney almost knocked us out of our chair. Good good,  a world class design sense and a laid back and friendly atmosphere. Feel the Lov(v)e!

Lokal Vegan Bistro 1470931840_restaurantveganicon

Communally run, it has achieved the impossible: serve up hot and hearty plates of VEGAN Polish dishes that are often more delicious than their pork-heavy counterparts. Their entire menu changes every two weeks so unless you check out their FB page you won’t know exactly what to find. Alongside vegan ‘cutlets’, cabbage concoctions and beet soups, you’ll also find plenty of more exotic dishes of far Eastern, Indian and Italian origin plus a few surprises. Huge portions, fresh ingredients and cheap prices.

Dunkin’ Donuts donuticon 1470931861_cafe

Not only America runs on Dunkin! If you aren’t familiar with the Boston-based donut chain then you are in for a treat, albeit an unhealthy one. Their flagship products are small round rings of fried dough that are glazed, sprinkled, spackled and frosted in all flavours and colours. You’ll also find a huge selection of bagel sandwiches which are great for a hearty breakfast on the run. American coffee?

BrewDog 1471791072_cerveza 1470931840_restaurant

Originally via crowd funding and selling ‘shares’ in the company, one cannot help but fall to one’s knees and worship at the temple of the Dog! A grand range of their own magical beers, some specially selected local craft beers and a menu matched to various brews. Situated slap bang in the city centre, there really is no excuse not to visit.

Hoppiness Beer & Food 1471791072_cerveza 1470931840_restaurant

One of the newest additions to the ever-expanding multi-tap bar scene in the capital this centrally located beer-sippery and bistro is under the patronage of the overachieving Pracownia Piwa brewery. They offer 12 changing taps, dozens of bottled local and international beers. Enjoy juicy high quality burgers, hot sandwiches (pulled pork), savoury salads (a real Caesar) and delectable mains with things like purple carrot puree and they even have beer ice cream to top it all off.

MOMU 1470931840_restaurant

MOMU has reshaped its image entirely and have almost literally rebuilt their kitchen around an imported American Southern smoker. Now they specialize in grilled and smoked meats, fish, fruit and even cheeses. Their smoker is fed daily by freshcut aromatic wood from the Łomianki forrest outside Warsaw. The smoked theme carries over to the cocktail menu as the skillful bartenders whip up creative cocktails using savoury and spicy smoked ingredients.

12on14 Jazz Club music venue guitar

Warsaw hasn’t had a proper Jazz Club in a long time but 12 on 14’s recent emergence has filled the void. This jumpin’ joint has a clear mission, to promote the proliferation of Polish jazz and present a world class stage for top international acts. Hosting several major concerts every week, plus occasional jam sessions and student ensembles, this thoroughly modern club has fantastic acoustics and impeccable sounding instruments (some were donated by top Polish Jazz artists).

The Alchemist GastroPub 1470931840_restaurant 1471791072_cerveza

Welcome to the future of drinking. 8 pristine unattended taps all begging you to imbibe is the Alchemist’s patented “Beer Wall”, the first of its kind in Europe. Top up a handy “Beer Wall card” then pour yourself as many local craft beers, proseccos or ciders as you like. If you magically leave with excess credit on your card, just come back tomorrow and keep it rolling (beer cards are good for up to 6 months!) Also enjoy American burgers and sandwiches, impeccable pizzas plus breakfasts served during the weekend from 10:00-14:00.

Hour Passion 1470932049_shop

This exclusive timepiece concept store has an extensive collection of Swiss watch brands including: Longines, Rado, Tissot, Certina, Calvin Klein, Swatch and Flik Flak. They offer premium multilingual customer service including after sales services and a minimum 2-year International Warranty on all timepieces. The bright and modern even includes a wi-fi so you can take your time finding the perfect piece.

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