Łódź No.32

Welcome to the wonderful world of Łódź (‘woodge’) In Your Pocket. This inland empire is not the first city most people choose to visit in Poland. Those who do however, we mean you dear reader, reap the benefits of seeing a truly dynamic and fascinating city on the rise just before it takes the world by storm. From culture and fashion, to design and architecture, to technology and education – Łódź is on the cutting edge. One of the best ways to get a feeling for all that’s going on in the city, besides reading IYP cover to cover, is to attend one of the many events and ground breaking festivals happening over the next few months. If we had to pick just one it would hands down have to be the Soundedit Festival at the end of October. A truly innovative festival, it focuses on music production as much as music performance hence this year’s co-headliners are Brian Eno and Peter Murphy (Bauhaus).

Main feature: Łódź By Bike


Łódź recently installed 100 stations and over 1,000 Nextbike city bikes as part of a new public transportation initiative. In just under 3 months over a million bikes have been used shattering every bike rental record in Poland! IYP took one of these new bikes for a spin. We started our journey on, where-else, Piotrkowska Street at the 6 Sierpnia Nextbike docking station. Read all about it.




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