New Reviews in Gdańsk In Your Pocket #50

@SOPOT – Whiskey on the Rocks coctail 1470931840_restaurant

An smart bar/restaurant in the new Sopot Centrum development with a strong Jack Daniel’s décor. Really good food despite being a bit pricey by Sopot standards. Finger-licking ribs, steaks, burgers, chicken wings and the like and a well-stocked bar and comfortable seating make this worth seeking out.

Fit and Green Sopot 1470931840_restaurant

A very good value vegetarian and vegan bistro offering a tasty range of burgers, pierogi, pastas, salads, desserts and more. Perfect for a light lunch and a coconut milk smoothie.

@SOPOT – Tarttoria 1470931861_cafe1470931840_restaurant

A café/bakery offering British pies: meat and vegetables in a pastry casing topped with a light pastry. Made on-site daily and pre-cooked so they only have to be warmed to order. On our visit there were two fillings – beef and mushroom and lamb with curry and lentils. You’ll also find delicious homemade tarts and quiches with original fillings such as smoked salmon and broccoli or chicken tikka masala (whole or by the slice).

@GDYNIA – Pasta Miasta1470931840_restaurant

Having built a strong reputation with their pizza place over in Starowiejska, the Czerwony Piec people have branched out into pasta. Homemade pasta (see the man making it as you walk in) and a good choice of delicious dishes. A smart space with a great garden out back make this one of our favourite casual dining spots in town.

@GDAŃSK – Sapore Restaurant1470931840_restaurant

A excellent new Italian, whose chef may well be from the mother land. Everything is delicious – the thin crust pizza with a perfect blend of toppings; lightly oiled pasta cooked to perfection with seafood and the obligatory lasagne. The wonderful English-speaking waitress demonstrated how much better a dining experience can be when there’s a smiling, professional server. Try the Tiramisu.

@SOPOT – Bagażownia Zynera1470931840_restaurant

Found in the beautifully re-modelled luggage room of the original Sopot railway station, the cuisine is traditional Polish Jewish and with that you might be surprised at some of the dishes which you’d not expect to find in a modern Jewish restaurant. Goose, duck, liver and beef cutlets are all present for instance, all of which demonstrate the similarities in cuisine forged by centuries of a shared history in Poland.

@GDYNIA – Fedde Bistro1470931840_restaurant

A smart, modern eatery in the new development in the centre of Gdynia. Great cooking delivered in a totally relaxed atmosphere (very comfortable chairs for instance) and at affordable prices. The menu features an amazing golonka (pig knuckle) and a lunch menu option. If you’re in town make sure to check it out.

@SOPOT – Restaurant Café Polskie Smaki1470931840_restaurant(Sheraton Hotel)

A really impressive place to enjoy local cuisine presented with originality and panache. Kashubian cuisine incorporates everything from sea to lakes to forests and prime farming land. Overlooking the fountain and the pier in Sopot, it offers a menu which focuses on Kashubian and Polish products. Everything from the ingredients of the dishes to the beer, vodka and even, believe it or not, the wine is locally produced. Fish is a cornerstone, but the menu also features duck, pork and beef and cod. Highly recommended.

@GDYNIA – Tapas Barcelona 1470931840_restaurant1470931900_red_wine

Another great Gdynia dining option, this time offering traditional Spanish Tapas and wine, but with a mouth-watering selection of original dishes such as a prawn and calamari burger. Our favourite dishes here though is the seafood paella which comes in a choice of sizes. A great selection of wines have made this a favourite place to start an evening before heading down to the beach.

@GDAŃSK – Thao Thai Fusion 1470931840_restaurant

With its neighbouring Thai Massage premises, this part of Szeroka is where you can now go for a Thai massage followed by a pretty good Thai meal. The menu comes with a spice indicator and we’re happy to report that the ‘3 spice’ symbol is merited. We enjoyed the Tom Yum soup with prawns, the spicy duck with pineapple as well as the pork in curry with grilled vegetables and this is definitely another positive reason to seek out the relative peace of ul. Szeroka.

@SOPOT – Weź Zjedz streetfood1 (quick eat)

Want to try pierogi without having to sit down and wait in a restaurant. Try this street window where you can choose from a range of freshly made baked pierogi with sweet and sour fillings to go and pay by the piece.

@SOPOT – Wokiwalkie foodbox (quick eat)

A small outlet at the train station offering you the chance to select noodles and ingredients of your choice, which they then fry up in a wok as you wait. Not at all bad for lunch on the run.

@SOPOT – Teatr Boto 1471450477_comedy_mask  1470931861_cafe 1471791072_cerveza

Downstairs is a comfortable and attractive café/bar and terrace while a theatre stage is located upstairs. Set in a renovated building in a small square literally feet from the main street, Bohaterow Monte Cassino. Boto is a welcome change from new places of late and exudes more the traditional atmosphere of Sopot (artistic, independent) than the more boisterous and commercial atmosphere.

@GDYNIA – Hopkins 1471791072_cerveza

Having set up in business to turn a love of beer into money by developing new and better tasting beer than was available not so long ago, the boys found a brewer (in this case Stary Browar in Koscierzyna) and set about developing a wide spectrum of craft beers to which they gave original names and marketed smartly. Now they’ve opened their own bar selling direct to grateful customers like us.

@SOPOT – Konsulat Dobrego Piwa 1471791072_cerveza

Having built up a huge following over a number of years as Czarna Wolga, the owners were forced to move out when local residents got tired of living next to one of Sopot’s most popular bars. They have moved a little out of the centre and set up a new place in what was once the wonderfully named Key Bell (kibel in Polish means toilet, which is what this building once was). The new enterprise’s name reflects the aim – having had an extensive choice of bottled craft beers in the old place, they’ve now complimented with a bar featuring 8 changing draft beers. Definitely worth a stop on your crawl around town.

Elite Gym Sopot exercise

A smart gym in the centre of Sopot with gated entry, professional staff, tons of brand new equipment (including dry and steam saunas), private trainers and a masseur. The stand-out is their in-house café/bar which has its own private roof terrace.

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