New Reviews in Łódź In Your Pocket #32

Nextbike City Bikes 1474560539_bike

Poland’s biggest public city bike providers have landed in Łódź with 100 stations and over 1,000 bikes. It’s easy and fast to register and you can do it right at the big red digital terminal, online or by calling +48 42 620 00 00 The initial top up fee for using the bike service is 20zł and the minimum amount you need on your account to hire a bike is 10zł. Saddle up and discover Łódź by bike.

Angelo Ristorante 1470931840_restaurant1470931900_red_wine

In terms of Italian authenticity, this place is the real deal. As soon as you approach the checkered table-clothed tables on the street, the smells of simmering garlic and fresh seafood will start to hit you. The regular menu is short and sweet. Monday – Wednesday sees an ever-changing range of meat-based dishes and Thursday – Saturday it’s the turn of fresh seafood plucked straight from the Mediterranean and trucked to your table. Nice wines.

Vapiano 1470931840_restaurant

The German based pizza and pasta chain’s brand new Łódź restaurant takes up over 400 square metres of the ground floor of the Sukcesja shopping mall. This stylish restaurant is swish and well thought out with a quirky swipe card ordering and payment system which bypasses the waiter/waitress ordering process altogether. Queue up at one of four different ‘food stations’ (pizza, pasta, salads, desserts) to place orders and watch real chefs cook up your order in real time.

Kuroneko chopsticks11470931840_restaurant

The Piotrkowska 217 movement is slowly gaining a head of steam and the cause is greatly helped by the edition of this new Japanese restaurant. Their delicious and highly affordable sushi has quickly become their calling card, although the aromatic ramen has to be a close second (with the bronze going to the shrimp Namaharumaki appetizer). A simple and straightforward menu makes it easy and fast order. Japanese beers and Polish microbrews (all with Japanese themes no less).

Fabryka Sztuki music venue guitar venue1 

This is more of a Live Music Venue and Cultural Centre than it is a Club per se (definitely don’t come strutting this way looking for DJs and discoballs). But it is an absolutely essential part of the Łódź cultural landscape. Expect to find regular world class concerts, fine art and photography exhibitions (Fotofest!), theatre projects and everything in between.

@OFF PiotrkowskaDOKI Gastrobar

This towering domino stack of sheik shipping containers is perhaps the perfect visualisation of how trendy OFF Piotrkowska has become. We don’t mean this in a bad way at all. And their stylish street food menu manages to hit on all the trendiest foods that many of OFF’s other establishments have brought to the city. Hamburgers and frites… check, Tapas… check, Seafood…check, Vegan and Vegetarian dishes… check.. Craft beer… check… Bespoke cocktails… check.

Mezzano Showroom 1470932049_shop

Mezzano Showroom features unique and uber chic clothing and accessories from exclusively Polish designers. This stylish first floor boutique is the brainchild of two energetic women, designer Catherine Pokorska and stylist Justyna Kaliska. Every item on display screams originality, embraces bold colours and a big imagination. Check it out!

CH Sukcesja 1470932049_shop 1470932049_shop

As soon as they got rid of paid parking (the first 3 hours are free), all of a sudden people are showing up. The influx of restaurants has also helped the cause including the newly opened Vapiano (also BioWay, Mont Blanc and the usual fast food court suspects). For shopping you have your standard H&Ms, CCCs, Media Experts, Rossmanns and much more.  Also have plenty of entertainment options with a Cineplex, Bowling Alley, Fitness Club and a huge kids playland (opening soon).







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