Kraków No. 102

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As the final embers of summer are snuffed from Kraków’s slow-burning candle, the city’s autumnal ambience is unwinding like wisps of smoke across the Wisła River, and we simply can’t seem to stop ourselves from waxing poetic about our favourite time of year in Poland’s most magical, mysterious city. It literally is the season for wax, poetry and mystery after all, as within the next two months we will be peering into the hot melted wax of our futures during the skeleton key seances of Andrzejki (Nov 29), celebrating Kraków’s life in letters during the Conrad Festival (Oct 24-30), challenging accepted notions of what constitutes a concert during the cryptic Unsound Festival (Oct 16-23), and communing with the spirits of our ancestors by candlelight during All Saints Day (Nov 1). It’s all pure Cracovian magic, enhanced and amplified by the brilliant brushfire of colour in the trees and the beguiling gauze of fog that drapes each daybreak. But that’s not all. October and November are also when southern Poland falls under the seasonal spell of the halny – a wild, warm wind from the Tatra mountains, which rips through the city like an invisible serpent, stirring the dark matter of the brain with mad, maniacal thoughts and provoking erratic behaviour. Inspiring indeed, but we don’t make this stuff up – hold on to your hat, and keep tabs on your chemistry or you may just find yourself possessed to stay in this enchanted city forever.

As for our part, we’ve been feverishly expecting you. As we have without pause for the past 17 years, within these pages we’ve compiled, catalogued and conscientiously updated all the information you could possibly need (and a lot more actually) to go have a moon-howlingly good time in Kraków; so whatever the unseen hand that guided you here, use your own to grip this guide, go out and have an unforgettable time.

Main Feature: TYTANO: Kraków’s Urban Lifestyle Complex

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-1-46-47-pmAfter laying dormant for over a decade, this former tobacco factory has risen again as ‘Tytano’ – a veritable ‘city within the city.’ Inhabiting 15,000m2 and six buildings, Tytano’s sheer size, potential, and post- industrial allure has attracted dozens of young, alternative and original businesses with their fingers on the pulse of current cultural trends, making this artsy, offbeat complex the current place to be in Kraków. Read the full feature.



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