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Tytano: Kraków’s Urban Lifestyle Complex

Międzymiastowa 1470931840_restaurantcoctail @TYTANO

Aimed at Kraków’s growing upper-middle class, MM flaunts a now-familiar post-industrial upscale-urban interior with huge factory windows, two bars and an emphasis on pricey gin mixers and wine. There’s also a metropolitan menu of eats – everything from gourmet breakfasts to pizza and pasta to burgers and beef steak, and you should note the weekday specials since prices are otherwise overmarked.


Strefa 1470931840_restaurant1470931900_red_winecoctail @TYTANO

Seemingly the most straightforward of present Tytano venues, there’s more to Strefa than one first assumes. At first glance you essentially have a dimly lit, two-storey dive bar with good beer and occasional DJ nights. Upon your second trip to the bar you realise that they really know their wine and offer a dangerous selection of wine cocktails. On your third trip you realise there’s an entire menu of eclectic food – from horsemeat tatar to pizza and seafood – and that they’re open early for breakfast.

METQA Perception Box  1470932049_shop @TYTANO

More than just a Polish fashion showroom with an odd name, Metqa is a concept store that actually has quite a few ideas (perhaps too many). Here the staff carefully curate not only the strictly Polish clothing labels on sale, but also the fragrances experienced by shoppers, and the indie playlist on the stereo. Tablets are available in the store where customers can find info on all the brands in stock, and give feedback directly to the designers.

Lost Souls Alley – Deadly Walk 1476372270__skull @TYTANO

Building off the terrifying success of their original house of horrors at ul. Floriańska 6, the outfit behind Lost Souls Alley has opened a second nightmare asylum in the long-abandoned and thoroughly creepy basements of Tytano. With this perfect setting in mind, we can only imagine what horrors lay in waiting, and rumours are that this new experience is even longer, more cleverly designed and dreadfully disturbing than the original.

Terapia Grupowa  1471791072_cerveza coctail

This small, slick, social bar will appeal to anyone who appreciates craft beer, a daring mixed drink and good company. While some regard a craft beer as an unimpeachable invention, the snappy, well-dressed showmen behind the bar here aren’t above adding rosemary tincture to an IPA, or a shot of whiskey to your smoked stout. The dense cocktail list that dangles below the buffed steel bar is an innovative list of excuses to watch these guys do what they love and get a free show with your drink.

Polonia Wax Museum

Infiltrating Kraków’s market square under the pretence of World Youth Day, it now seems the city will continue to collect their rent money as long as they keep paying on time. As a result, locals and tourists alike are invited to a veritable Polish history lesson, meticulously arranged in wax and fibres, as you wind your way through thematically arranged rooms covering the interwar period, WWII, the 70s, 80s, 90s and up to modern times.

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