Warsaw No.95

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Welcome to the golden tinged autumn edition of Warsaw In Your Pocket. Without waxing too poetic, we can officially declare this crunchy-leave-walk scarf-wearing pumpkin-carving mushroom-picking season to be our personal favourite. It also happens to be a great season to be visiting Warsaw. The weather is still warm enough to enjoy Warsaw’s many glorious parks, gardens and river walks. If the weather does happen take a turn towards the cold and or damp, it’s the perfect excuse to explore the city’s ever expanding list of world class museums. Head straight to our sightseeing section to read about what’s worth exploring for whatever weather may come your way.

If you happen to enjoy good beer, check out the Warsaw Beer Festival from October 13-15. It’s a little known fact that Poland is in the midst of a micro-brew renaissance and this 3 day festival will give you the chance to tap into some of the creme de la craft. Think of it like a mini Oktoberfest without all the crowds, way better beer and 1/10th of the price! Let us know what your favourite micro-brew was on our Facebook page or just good old-fashioned email: editor_poland@inyourpocket.com.

Main Feature: Round & About the Plac Unii Roundabout


It’s taken a while for tourists and Varsovians alike to migrate further south than the perennially trendy
Plac Zbawiciela. However, since the opening of the new shopping mall a few years ago, the historic Plac Unii roundabout and its surroundings has become a hotbed of activity. IYP takes you on a guided tour. Check it out!

All photos by Mat Fahrenholz © for Poland In Your Pocket


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