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Main Feature: St. Martin’s Day

Gringo Bar 1470931840_restaurantmexicanfood

Definitely a grab-and-go situation rather than a place for lazy lunching, this Polish chain serves up surprisingly tasty “fusion” burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and tacos. For those already envisioning sauerkraut heaped on a tortilla, we promise this Polish twist on Mexican food is nowhere near as shady as it sounds. Do exercise caution with the spice levels.

DYNX 1470931840_restaurant

Managing to feel upscale nad neighbourhood-y at the same time, Dynx is a new addition to increasingly hip Śródka, the tiny and historical district east of Cathedral Island. Created around a ‘simple plate’ philosophy (good food should be simple), this inviting locale scores high on attention to detail and warm industrial decor.

Vege Pizza1470931840_restaurant

This vegetarian/vegan place with strong ties to the local anarchist scene serves up cheap and reasonably healthy personal pizzas (made with either vegan cheese or good old mozzarella), salads, vegan hot dogs, soup of the day, and hipster bottled drinks. While you’re waiting, kill time by playing Nintendo 64 or checking out numerous ‘alternative event’ posters lining the walls.

Różove 1470931840_restaurant1470931861_cafe 1470932049_shop

Walking through the door of this establishment is like stepping into a close friend’s super trendy kitchen, except the friend is an insane baker with a glass case full of glorious fresh cakes. Featuring an odd but inviting open layout, friendly and easygoing staff, and a pink theme that stays strictly within the limits of good taste at all times, Róźove is part cafe, part trinket shop, and all cosy hang-out.

SOcheck _juice

If you feel yourself getting low on vitamins pop by for an energising and very fairly priced fruit concoction. This hole-in-the-wall in increasingly foodie-esque Jeżyce serves up freshly made juices and smoothies to sip on while you explore Poznań’s lesser-known parts.

Babylon coctail 1471791072_cerveza shisha

Decorated much like some grown-up pillow fort where the milk and cookies have been replaced by shisha and hard liquor (hopefully this wasn’t your childhood), Babylon really is a universe of its own – you’ll see what we mean. Featuring dim lighting, a number of water pipe flavours, and a life-sized camel statue we’ve affectionately named Humphry, this is your place to blow smoke rings into the night.

Ice Bar coctail 1471791072_cerveza

Ułan Browar 1471791072_cerveza1470931840_restaurant

Brewing up some decent craft beer to drink alongside regionally-inspired pub grub, Ułan is a new addition to the Poz’s City Park complex located in lovingly refurbished Ułan/Uhlan (Polish light cavalry) barracks. The military links might end at the name, but that makes no difference to those who come here to watch the big game with their mates, play some snooker, or listen to the occasional stand-up.

Dalineum art-gallery

A quite random but endearing addition to Poz’s museum scene, Dalineum is a homage to the master of ‘paranoid-critical’ surrealism, Spanish painter Salvador Dalí. Housed in a black-tapestried and windowless locale just off the main square, the private collection comprises numerous prints, ceramics, works in metal, and items produced commercially by the enterprising artist, such as perfume bottles, ties, and playing cards.

Neat 1470931840_restaurant1470932049_shop

Part rustic whitewashed ‘village-style’ restaurant, part pop-up streetwear store frequented by tatted youths, this place is exactly as confusing as it sounds. After perusing brands including Champion, Diamond Supply Co, Local Heroes, OBEY, and Thrasher Magazine let one of the young sk8er bois working there talk you into trying a piece of ‘great granny’s’ apple pie.

Tutu 1470932049_shop

The Stary Browar shopping complex is worth visiting for a number of reasons, the plethora of art installations being one, and this concept store being another; if stricken by a sudden impulse to go clothes shopping, forget the chain stores you can find in any city and head to this glitzy shop selling fashions exclusively by Polish designers. A word of warning – the prices will be steep.

Hotel Śródka hotel

A boutique hotel in what is perhaps Poznań’s most charming – and quiet – district, the tiny Śródka just east of Cathedral Island; in our opinion, the best place to get away from the crowds while still soaking up the old-town atmosphere and remaining within walking distance to the market square (about 20 minutes). The hotel features airy and modern rooms with wi-fi, 40″ LCD TVs, and in-room coffee and tea.

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