Poznań No.45

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The dark season is upon us once again: the beer gardens have been rolled up for the winter, the Maltanka mini-railway has come to a halt, and people scurry through gray parks dreaming of hot beer to warm the body and soul. And yet there is much to look forward to: the November 11th combo that is Independence Day and St. Martin’s Day, and the trillion white poppy seed croissants that come with it; mulled wine and festive cheer at the traditional Christmas market, which will take us through most of December; crazy New Year’s parties; and, just to make sure you don’t make it through the winter without developing a paunch, the sweet sweet gluttony taking place on Fat Thursday. Apart from that, we have our proven ways to make the most of the season, which include candlelit evenings spent ingesting warming beverages at the city’s many cafes, skiing at Poz’s very own ski slopes, soaking in the Maltese Baths, and taking advantage of the cultural calendar.  For even more content, go to poznan.inyourpocket.com, and, as always, don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail at poznan@inyourpocket.com or interact with us on social media: FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Main Feature: St. Martin’s Day

poznan45_featurePoznań’s best-loved saint is celebrated each November 11th with opulent pastries, Roman legionnaires on horseback, and a full-blown fireworks show. Discover the hows and whys of this odd situation and tips on exploring local St. Martin’s traditions even if you are here past that date.

Such a special holiday calls for a very specific treat to honour St. Martin, and that’s rogale świętomarcińskie, a crescent-shaped croissant-like pasty filled with a poppy seed and almond paste and topped with a healthy pile of sugary glaze.


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