Top 5 Christmas presents from Gdańsk

With Christmas fast approaching, if you’re like us then you’ll shortly be breaking out in a sweat over what to buy everyone. Give it a few more weeks and you’ll be a veritable bundle of nerves because, as we all know, finding a cool & unique gift year in year out is about as easy as learning the intricacies of Polish grammar. Have no fear, though, as we’re here with our Top 5 present suggestions from Gdańsk to give you a little timely inspiration…

  1. Goldwasser Gift Set

    Everyone has their own preferred Christmas tipple but cracking out the Goldwasser is always a good idea in our opinion the sheer elegance of this particular box set is impressive. Read more >>>

  2. Kosycarz Photo Book

    Anyone with even a passing interest in Gdańsk and its recent history will get hours of intrigued post-Xmas dinner perusing from Maciej Kosycarz’s everyday photos of the city. Read more >>>

  3. Kolejka Board Game

    Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little friendly, mulled wine-fuelled competition and there’s nothing we enjoy more at IYP than a good game of Kolejka. Read more >>>

  4. Pierogi Masterclass

    The traditional Polish Christmas dinner of carp isn’t to everyone’s taste but we’re yet to meet the person who doesn’t enjoy making and then scoffing their very own pierogi. Read more >>>

  5. Wałęsa: Man of Hope DVD

    Andrzej Wajda‘s excellent Lech Wałęsa biography may not rival Home Alone and Jurassic Park in terms of typical Christmas viewing but it is definitely a must-see. Read more >>>



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