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Main Feature: The Tri-city’s Lesser Known Monuments

@GDAŃSK – PING PONG 1470931840_restaurant

Another reason to stop by the Garnizon development is this cool Asian venue which offers a selection of well-prepared and tasty Far Eastern favourites such as Ramen, Bao (Chinese style filled rolls) and Pad Thai. The menu is a single sheet of A5 which you use as an order form using the pencil provided and acts as a nice gimmick.

@SOPOT – Cesky Film 1470931840_restaurant

If you’ve come to Poland it might seem a bit odd to then go and sample the cuisine of our southern neighbours – but we’d urge you to consider it. There would appear to be a lot of similarities between traditional Polish and Czech cuisine to the non-Slav eye and you can get better renditions of shared favourites here than in most of the Polish restaurants in town.

@SOPOT – Seafood Station Restaurant1470931840_restaurant

There’s no shortage of fish restaurants so this place, opened in the autumn of 2016, needed to offer something different and/or better to justify a mention. And they do. To start off little touches like classic German Weck glassware, an open kitchen and choice of booth and high stool seating help create a great impression. What we loved though was the British style fish & chips beautifully cooked in homemade batter and served with chunky chips, mushy peas and Sarsons Malt Vinegar – now that’s doing it properly in our book.

@GDAŃSK – Czarna Owca Restaurant by Lula 1470931840_restaurant

Where we come from the term ‘black sheep’ (that’s what Czarna Owca means in Polish) is used to describe a member of a group that is regarded as a disgrace to that group. Using that logic, this place should’ve been called ‘Blindingly white sheep’ as it’s as good a place to eat in the Tri-city in this price bracket, that we’ve visited in years and something the city’s culinary group should be proud of. The menu, created and executed by two talented ladies who decided a few years back that they’d had enough of their desk jobs and opened their first place ‘Lula’ in Wrzeszcz, is wonderful in terms of choice, presentation and most of all tastes.

@GDAŃSK Magiel Restaurant 1470931840_restaurant

For years, there’s been little reason to travel to the south side of the city, beyond ul. Podwale Przedmiejskie, but that’s starting to change and places like this are a big reason why. First of all, let’s state this is a restaurant in a hotel but do not let that put you off. Magiel is a really attractive space, set in a new build overlooking the canal built to seal off Granary Island from the rest of the city. The chefs hold court in a central cooking area where they prepare some absolutely wonderful tasting dishes from a menu which is original but solid.

@SOPOT – Dolce Vita 1470931840_restaurant

A very impressive looking delicatessen, café and bar with, by Tri-city standards at least, a wide selection of Mediterranean produce such as olive oil, pasta, dairy products, fish and of course coffee and wines to either enjoy within the smart premises or to buy to take home.

@SOPOT – Hashi Sushi 1470931840_restaurant

A really smart looking sushi restaurant in the Sopot Centrum for those who want either something spicy or something fishy before heading for the train. This is actually way above what you might expect to find in a Polish railway station and is actually a destination in itself, such is the standard of food and the fact it’s surrounded by other bars and restaurants in Sopot’s new Sopot Centrum.

@GDYNIA – Lolo Thaijolo 1470931840_restaurant

A classic ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ place. It looks like little more than a wooden hut dropped into an empty plot close to Pl. Kaszubski, but do not let that fool you. The food served up from the open kitchen is fantastic and we’re kicking ourselves for not having visited earlier. The menu offers a great choice of your favourite Thai dishes as well as some delicious combinations of tastes with just the right amount of spice plus Thai beer.

@GDYNIA – KOFEINA Gdynia Coffee House 1470931861_cafe1470931840_restaurant

A fashionable two-storey café a block away from the main Swietojanska street which we really like for its cosy upstairs. It’s a really comfortable place to relax with a cup of their coffee and something from their range of pastries, cakes, sandwiches and quiches. We even stop in here later on in the evening as it’s a good stop then for a glass of wine.

@GDAŃSK – Craft Cocktails coctail

An excellent cocktail bar with the feel of a discreet, private drinking club thanks to the comfortable seating, lots of dark woods and low lighting. The cocktail menu is extensive and well-priced, so you can enjoy a quiet evening away from the chaos found in many bars in the old town. The bar staff are well-drilled at their art and this is one of the few places in town where you can enjoy a decent New York Sour.

@GDAŃSK – Stary Maneż Brew Cafe 1470931840_restaurant1470931861_cafe1471791072_cerveza

While your main reason for visiting Stary Maneż on the Garnizon complex will be to see a performance in the main hall, it’s not the only excuse. The ground floor bar/restaurant offers an eclectic menu of tapas and snacks as well as a concise choice of starters, salads and mains including baked potato; ribs in beer and honey and seafood curry. They also have, as you’ll immediately notice from the large brass vats, their own beer called Vrest.

@GDAŃSK – Protokultura 1471791072_cerveza

There’s going off the beaten track and then there’s Protokultura. Cunningly hidden in a huge brick warehouse in the middle of the shipyards, this industrial venue opens sporadically to play host to some truly wacky concerts, shows and other sub-culture events.

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