Wrocław No.38

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No longer the European Capital of Culture on paper (it’s on to you, Aarhus and Pafos), but forever so in our hears, Wrocław welcomes you – as always – with a full calendar of cultural events, a growing list of museums including the Four Dome Pavilion and Pan Tadeusz Museum, both of which were added in 2016, and a stealthy army of gnomes. Our recommendations for winter and early spring are simple: apart from checking off the must-sees, warm your insides with some mulled wine or hot beer at one of the city’s numerous cosy hang- outs, ice skate at Pergola next to the UNESCO-listed Centennial Hall, grab a hot pączek (donut) at Stara Pączkarnia, and – if you still have energy by the end of the day – check out a live music venue or party like there’s no tomorrow at Pasaż Niepolda. If this pocket guide isn’t enough, we have more content waiting for you at wroclaw.inyourpocket.com; feel free to share your thoughts with us by e-mailing wroclaw@inyourpocket.com or interacting with us on social media: Facebook and PolandInYourPocket on Instagram. Happy exploring!

Main Feature: Wrocław Markets

Strap on your social anthropologist helmet and get ready for a trip to the nineties to check out some of Wrocław’s endangered bazaars, or discover the local hipster scene at a few quirky venues. We give you a rundown of the city’s most culturally significant markets.

From early 20th-century architectural jewels to ‘wild wild East’ nineties shantytowns to hipster havens, Wrocław’s got its fair share of markets in which to hunt for bargains and antiques, discover a piece of Polish history, or get that perfect instagram shot.


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