7 Places To Have Great Pizza in Kraków

Did you know February 9 is World Pizza Day? Or that the first pizza ever served in Poland was at a royal marriage in the early 16th century? Do you know where the name for pizza Margherita comes from? The origins of pizza go back all the way to ancient Greece, passing through Italy and then spreading all around Europe until finally reaching America, where it became a staple dish and where a slice was almost declared a veggie by the FDA. Once considered food for the lower classes, Pizza hasn’t exactly gone all the way up the gourmet ladder, but like very few things in the world, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good

Here are 7 places in Kraków where you can enjoy good pizza:

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A fine choice for a relaxing and memorable meal right in the heart of Kraków’s Old Town.



One of the best places to share a slice with friends over a few brews. Their pizza menu is simple but to the point with meaty and veggie options.


Priding themselves on their fine Italian ingredients (water buffalo mozzarella, pistachios from the foot of Mt. Etna), Nolio makes authentic Neopolitan-style pizza.


Home to a beautiful pizza oven and little more, they prove once again that all you really need to succeed is the ability to do one thing, and do it well: authentic Neopolitan-style pizza.


Word spread quickly about this excellent pizza place, which has earned rave reviews from all comers. They do it right with a traditional brick oven and fresh ingredients straight from Italy.


The sourdough pizzas are some of the best in town.


They are all about personalising your pie. In contrast to all other pizza places we’ve been to, here you can finally get the exact toppings you want with their ‘Build Your Own’ option for a flat 24zł – no limit on ingredients.




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