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Andrzej Wajda

SAWA Bistro 1470931840_restaurant

A modern ambience with a few nice winks to the past – stylish 1950’s-60’s abstract mosaic and a few huge plants. Hefty sharing platters make for a great social eating out experience and the menu is split into manageable and unfussy sections. We also love the fact that their regularly changing promotions are incredibly generous – like a damn good breakfast for 1zl when you order a regular coffee!

Restauracja Si 1470931840_restaurant

A long and stylish restaurant/bar with a good range of homemade and multicoloured pasta – all on display in a glass counter, pizzas and regional dishes. A casual eating experience with authentic ingredients, nice rustic presentation and the added bonus of a fine cocktail list.

Cafe Mozaika 1470931840_restaurant

Until recently, a legendary restaurant of the communist era. The new owner has brilliantly managed to fuse the old and the new, not only in the restaurant’s design but also with the zappy traditional Polish menu and a separate range of Mediterranean dishes. Hip and cool it may be but they have also managed not to ostracise the former clientele.

Inny Wymiar 1470931840_restaurant

Unfussy Polish food which will teleport you back to your childhood. It’s all a bit more well considered and thoughtfully presented than that. Only the best regional, local and seasonal ingredients go into their traditional dishes and prepare to be mildly surprised/shocked by the interesting presentation of some of the dishes.

Prodiż warszawski 1470931840_restaurant

This restaurant takes its name from a cult piece of PRL era kitchen equipment, the Prodiż – a plug in, one pot pressure cooker/broiler that any self respecting family simply had to have. In the restaurant, one has been converted into a lamp and hangs on the brick lined walls. The Polish menu doesn’t mess about and doesn’t attempt to ‘fix what ain’t broken’, so expect expertly prepared and well presented Polish classics, as well as some hardcore traditional dishes.

Restauracja Pod Gigantami 1470931840_restaurant

This opulent and exclusive restaurant takes its name – Under the Giants – from the two huge sandstone figures which serve as pillars around the main entrance. A giant of the culinary arts is also in control of the kitchen, Mr. Paweł Zieliński, a man who breathes new life into classically based Polish and French style dishes with his fresh, modern approach and strict attention to detail.

Bar-Szawa 1470931840_restaurant1471791072_cerveza

This little tapas bar is great. The bar is a basic affair with a neat little chill out room at the back. Beers, a few Spanish wines, a menu of tapas dishes and grilled Spanish sandwiches/rolls keep the hunger and thirst demons at bay. The young Spanish and Polish owners and staff are exceptionally friendly and fun. A Funky local bar with the human touch!

Grizzly Gin Bar coctail 1471791072_cerveza1470931840_restaurant

We wouldn’t expect anything less from the team behind the immensely popular Beirut and Kraken bars (both are situated right next door). A constantly growing selection of craft gins holds the whole concept together, so there is also a great range of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on offer – including one of our favourite gulps of the moment, their own Grizzly lager! Make sure to try their killer pastrami sandwiches and drop in for one of their regular live music nights.

STIXX Bar & Grill 1470931840_restaurant

The most ambitious eating, drinking and entertainment establishment to hit Warsaw in 2016. Over 2000m2 of eating and drinking areas based around the hub of the centrally situated bar (the longest bar in the city) and all overlooked by the raised open kitchen. The international menu whirls around the globe plus an upmarket drinks list to match.

The ROOTS Cocktail Bar & more  coctail

This place has secured a special place in the hearts of serious cocktail devotees. First up, the bar is a shrine to the noble art of being a barman/cocktail mixer. Add to this, a library of antiquarian books on the subject of bartending/cocktail mixing and you know you are dealing with some hardcore and scholarly mixologists. Two great menus; one featuring classics of the trade and another which presents signature drinks based on seasonal Polish regional flavours.

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  1. Love this list, i love exploring Warsaw and especially its culinary side 🙂 My favorite spot is a bar in downtown that I have discovered by accident while walking around the Old Town. It is called Bubbles, and even though they specialize in champagnes, they also have a rich menu with delicious dishes. I have tried few of their propositions and everything was just excellent. Can’t wait to go to Warsaw again and explore it even more!

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