Ask The Concierge @InterContinental. Warsaw #98

by Sebastian Brodowski
Concierge & Guest Services Manager
InterContinental Warszawa
Member of Les Clefs d’Or

Dear Guests, Witamy w Warszawie!

We are slowly welcoming spring in our beautiful capital. Residents and the city itself are waking up from their “winter lethargy”. It is a time of year when our surroundings look nicer, people go out more often and more events are being organized outdoors.

This year Easter Sunday falls on the 16th of April. It is one of the most important holidays for Christians. As well as all the special masses you will be able to visit an Easter Market from the 7th until the 17th of April in the main square of The New Town.

At the end of the month (the 23rd of April) we have the biggest running event in the country – the Orlen Marathon. The marathon and a 10k run take place on the streets of Warsaw, so you need to be prepared for traffic detours and difficulties. There is one more challenging event, which I can recommend – The Tower Run – a charity run, which takes place at the InterContinental Warszawa hotel on the 2nd April. It starts on the 5th floor and finishes on the 43rd, and involves more than 1,000 steps. The current record is 5 minutes 37 seconds – do you think you can beat it?

This is also a part of a year when we have several bank holidays. As well as Easter in April we have the Labour Day holiday on the 1st of May and the Constitution Day holiday on the 3rd of May. You need to remember that those are bank holidays so shopping malls and some museums will be closed. There are other special events, however, taking place on those dates.

The National Stadium returns to being a sports arena after spending the winter as an ice rink and winter park. We will have the final of the Polish Football Cup on the 2nd of May and the Speedway Grand Prix of Poland on the 13th of May. We have also a suggestion for non-sports fans – a huge model railway. It includes 19 km of electrical cables, 900 meters of railroad and hundreds of vehicles.

At the end of May you can enjoy the talents of the famous violinist – Vanessa Mae concert playing Torwar and finally we are expecting the grand opening of the Warsaw Historical Museum on the main square of the Old Town. The museum has been completely rebuilt and will feature a brand new exhibition showing the history of the city.

These are just a few suggestions for you while visiting Warsaw. For more, do not hesitate to ask your concierge.

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